Bug Fixes & Test Features in Oolite 1.89 Nightly Build

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Welcome to Oolite 1.89 Nightly Build. Bug fixes and new features, under test and development with frequent updates, will be listed here. If you would like to try out the bleeding edge stuff, and give us feedback on the new features, then you can download the installer from GitHub Oolite nightly repo. Alternative download links can be found on the Oolite forum.

Oolite bug fixes and new features, listed below, are grouped in:

Lave is Earth expansion pack. (screenshot by another_commander)

General Enhancements

  • (25 July 2020) Enhanced basic compass icon shapes, improving perception of what is being targeted.
  • (20 July 2020) Cloaked ships do mass lock the player now.
  • (20 July 2020) The number of turrets on a ship, if they exist, is now shown on the Ship Library screen.
  • (13 July 2020) Temporarily activated the newly introduced Oren-Nayar diffuse BRDF alternative.
  • (13 July 2020) Temporarily increase sunlight source using the introduced light source radiance and exposure multipliers in the planet, atmosphere and ship shaders.
  • Enhanced long-distance torus speed travelling.
  • Illumination mapping of the dark side of custom planets is now supported on the diffuse map's alpha channel.
  • Custom planets now support normal maps, with specular on their alpha channel.
  • Visual improvements made on atmospheres.
  • New nav and witchspace beacons deployed, replacing the previous ones.
  • Added the ability to limit star and nebula textures to particular galaxies, providing the opportunity to make galaxies more visually unique.
  • View Keyboard Settings item from start menu has been replaced with Game Options, which are now accessible from the get-go rather than after starting a game first.
  • Requesting 16 bits per color component from OpenGL during initialization is now an option (-16bpcc startup parameter).
  • Keyboard controls to cycle and select MFDs in reverse.
  • Mac port: Right mouse button to center pitch and roll should now work the same way as in the Windows and Linux ports.
  • Pressing Ctrl while handling the external camera view will now slow rotation and zoom speeds down. Allows for more precise external camera control.
  • Changed appearance of Lave to reflect the rain forests mentioned in its description.
  • Windows port: CPU type and clock speed are now reported at the log header.
  • Added docking clearance joystick button control to stickmapper.
  • Added joystick button support for docking computer (standard and fast).
  • Default ambient light level set to 0.1.
  • Added filmic tonemapping to default shaders.
Extra illuminated Boa over Bemaera. (screenshot by another_commander)

Expansion Pack Development - Scripting

  • (24 July 2020) Added airColor and airColorMixRatio properties to the JS Planet object, enabling script control over the atmosphere color parameters for OXP added planets.
  • (24 July 2020) Amount of air color mix with atmosphere standard color is now settable from planetinfo.plist, using the air_color_mix_ratio key; scripts can set it too, using the read/write system.info.air_color_mix_ratio property.
  • (24 July 2020) Atmosphere color is now settable from planetinfo.plist, using the air_color key; scripts can set it too, using the read/write system.info.air_color property.
  • (20 July 2020) An override mechanism is provided, for the amount of time a rescue in an escape pod takes.
  • The Javascript runtime size can now be adjusted.
  • Added activeMissile property.
  • Added 'IsSunlit' to entity.
  • Added support for equipment-overrides.plist.
  • Added playerWillBuyNewShip and playerWillReplaceShip world events. Replacing a ship is now considered a different event to buying one.
  • Added EquipmentInfo.calculatedPrice property. This is the calculated price of the equipment item, if the equipment item utilises the updateEquipmentPrice() condition script function.
  • Added amount paid parameter to playerBoughtEquipment event. Gives instant visibility of the actual price paid by the player, taking into account any rebates or adjustments in the purchase.
  • addShipToShipyard can now look for and add lasers from extras array. This is so a laser weapon can be included in "extras" array and added to the ship.
  • Station shipyard is now accessible from Javascript (station.shipyard).
  • World event "commsMessageReceived" will now be triggered when the "player.commsMessage" function is called. The "sender" argument will be null in this case. Scripts that implement "commsMessageReceived" will need to check for a null value, otherwise an error will occur.
Coriolis close-up with background moon. (screenshot by another_commander)

Bug Fixes

  • (28 July 2020) Fixed kg and g unit commodities not being removed when player ship was being replaced or when a new one was bought and excess kg and g quantities beyond station's capacity remained unsold during the cargo selling phase.
  • (25 July 2020) Fixed RGB to HSB conversion in OOColor class.
  • (24 July 2020) Improved stability for ship launches, when ship is too big for a dock and can't be launched.
  • (24 July 2020) Fixed system inhabitants handling, description and error message.
  • (24 July 2020) Fixed air_color key, previously ignored in planetinfo.plist, making possible other than blue color for skies.
  • Fixed the thargoidStrikes populator setting.
  • Fixed missiles in ship missiles array using primary role instead of equipment key.
  • Fixed scoopOverride causing scoop sound to play once when set to false.
  • Fixed a bogus ship AI warning about jumping further than allowed.
  • Fixed case where an empty cargopod would be generated for specific quantities of precious metals and gemstones.
  • Fixed an 'index out of range' error on F5 Status screen.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes no rows would be selected in the shipyard screen.
  • Docks scripted to not accept player docking now result in autopilot docking rejection also in the case of fast autodock.
  • Fixed native exception when a dictionary was passed to OOIsNumberLiteral by OOJSSystemInfo.
  • Fixed dust color not getting mixed with 50 percent white, as intended when sun color was set manually.
  • Fixed effectRemoved event not triggering when hyperspacing.
  • Fixed bug where credits could be generated by 'failing to buy' multiple mount lasers.

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