Features Introduced in Oolite 1.84

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Features Introduced in Oolite v1.84:

The launch of a new version.

Mobile External View Camera

One of the main highlights of this release, the External View system has been enhanced with the implementation of a free-look camera, which can be used both as an assist for increased situational awareness and as a tool to capture impressive snapshots that were not possible to achieve before. The free-look camera can be activated and de-activated using Caps Lock, when an external view is selected. When active, the pitch, roll and yaw keys can be used to rotate it around your ship, while PageUp/Down will act as zoom control. Mouse control is also possible, if the Left Mouse Button is held down, while the mousewheel can be used for zoom.

Rotating Camera - View #1 Rotating Camera - View #2 Rotating Camera - View #3

Multiple Lasers Now Available to All Ships

A long-requested feature has arrived in this version. In Oolite 1.84, any ship can be equipped with multiple laser mounts, which can be configured either as split (laser energy output is split between mounts) or as multiplied (each laser mount has a fully powered laser, which results in higher combat effectiveness, but also in increased energy requirements and heat output). The core ships have not been altered, but new different gameplay strategies are expected to emerge with OXP ships making use of the feature.

Dual laser Krait (screenshot by Diziet Sma)

Improvements to the Galactic Chart Interface

It is now possible to display information for systems along a pre-defined route in a more automated way. Rather than having to manually select each system and viewing its information page, you can now navigate through each system's page without having to return to the Galactic Chart screen. On the Galactic Chart you can now use Alt+Left/Right Arrows to select the previous or next system on a route respectively, for which information will be shown. This makes route planning and navigation even more efficient than before and will be of great help to those Commanders who keep themselves busy in the cargo and passneger contract business.

Galactic Chart enhancements

Improvements to Overall Presentation and UI

The presentation and interface of the game have been enhanced to make them smoother and offer a better game experience. We have improved the engine's lighting, added fog effects when in atmosphere and we also have made changes on the way ships are shown and presented. You will notice that they now rotate in a way similar to the way the original BBC B version did it on all screens showing rotating models. In addition to that, we have further improved full screen handling on Windows and, for those using the Expansion Pack Manager, we have added a feature under Windows for copying the info url of the selected OXZ to clipboard when the OXZ's information page is accessed.

Along with all these, version 1.84 fixes plenty of bugs spotted in the previous version, enhances the OXP Verifier contained in the OXP Developer builds and adds even more scripting methods for OXP creators to use.

For the full list of changes visit the Oolite Bulletins Announcement page for Oolite v1.84.

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