Oolite Expansion Packs

There are over five hundred expansion packs released for Oolite. There are two expansion pack formats in use in Oolite 1.80 (or higher), usually referred to as OXZ and OXP. The OXZ format is more modern and can be downloaded and installed automatically by the game by selecting the "Manage Expansion Packs" option on the start screen. The OXP format is older and must be installed manually. As the OXZ format is currently new, many expansion packs are still only available in the older OXP format.

The table below lists the OXZ expansion packs which can be automatically downloaded by Oolite 1.80 (or higher), as well as links for manual downloads if you prefer to do that. If you are still using Oolite 1.77.1 or an earlier version, OXZ format expansion packs will not be usable - you will be able to download OXP format expansions from other sites.

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MiscellaneousLogEventsNorby2017-06-24Download LogEvents 1.2
Write messages into Latest.log using all event handlers to help debugging and review battles and messages.
EquipmentTelescopeNorby2017-06-24Download Telescope 1.15
Extended targeting and scanning features, an MFD with nearby targets, masslock borders and sniper ring.
MechanicsStation Dock Controlphkb2017-06-24Download Station Dock Control 1.1.1
Adds some realism and depth to the game by giving each station with NPC traffic its own list of docked ships that launch when their scheduled departure time lapses.
AmbienceDiplomacyDay2017-06-23Download Diplomacy 0.10
WORK IN PROGRESS: this OXP currently provides a F4 map showing which systems (dis)like each other. Snooper news appear when 2 systems form or break an alliance. A F4 interface displays the F7 system history events. On F7, it indicates systems' treasury and tax level. Finally, it provides an API for oxp developers to build galaxy-spanning events and reactions.
MechanicsShip Configurationphkb2017-06-23Download Ship Configuration 0.8.1
(Beta) **Important note: This OXP significantly changes the way Oolite plays. Please take the time to read the Wiki entry for this OXP, or read the "readme.txt" file inside the package for more information. This OXP makes all equipment take up space on your ship, and your ship's performance is degraded as more weight is added. Heat also plays a more important role, as using certain equipment items will generate cabin heat. And the same rules apply for all NPC ships.
MissionsTionisla ReporterEric Walsh, phkb2017-06-23Download Tionisla Reporter 1.3.3
Have you always wanted to explore the universe beyond its boundaries? Than is this mission something for you. The head of the Tionisla Chronicle will send you out to fetch material for an article that will make headlines. And you are the author of it.
MissionsUPS CourierEric Walsh, spara, Keeper, phkb2017-06-23Download UPS Courier 2.0.5
This OXP adds several random missions that run simultaneously. The first set of missions offered will be various transport missions. After you have run enough of these, a series of combat jobs will be offered. Update to the original by Eric Walsh, with contributions from spara, Keeper and phkb.
MissionsRandom HitsEric Walch, Little Bear, spara and contributors2017-06-20Download Random Hits 1.11.3
Random Hits adds seedy Space Bars to anarchy systems that offer large bounties on the galaxy's Most Wanted Criminals. This oxp adds Missions, Ships, Stations and Features.
SystemsRescue Stationscim, spara2017-06-20Download Rescue Stations 1.5.4
The RRS Group is the leading specialist for official retrieval and rescue work. This OXP adds their stations and ships to some safe systems, where Commanders with a suitable reputation may find a variety of employment offers.
AmbienceFont: Discognatephkb2017-06-18Download Font: Discognate 1.5
Font by TepidMonkey (tepidmonkey@yahoo.com), http://www.fontframe.com/tepidmonkey
EquipmentFast Target Selectorphkb2017-06-04Download Fast Target Selector 1.4
Allows quick targeting of ships or other entities visible on the scanner. Also highlights current target on the scanner.
MechanicsBlOomberg MarketsRamirez, Svengali2017-06-03Download BlOomberg Markets 2.6.2
Varies the in-game economy by generating random events that affect commodity prices. Depends on Snoopers.
MechanicsBounty Systemphkb2017-05-24Download Bounty System 0.3.0
(WIP) This OXP seeks to add depth and meaning to the bounty system by making crimes persistent (removing the old mechanic of having bounties slowly disappear over time). Bounties might persist, but they are not always visible in every location. A Warrant Scanner can be used by the player or NPC's to uncover bounties registered in other systems.
HUDsMFD - MFD Fast Configurationphkb2017-05-21Download MFD - MFD Fast Configuration 2.0
Primable equipment that allows different sets of MFD to be quickly set up and activated.
MiscellaneousContracts On BBphkb2017-05-21Download Contracts On BB 0.11
Moves all the cargo, passenger and parcel contracts onto the Bulletin Board, which then becomes the way those contracts are accepted. Also moves smuggling contracts from the "Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld" OXP. Can optionally include missions from Escort Contracts OXP, Rescue Stations OXP, Random Hits OXP, and InSystem Taxi OXP.
AmbienceGalCop Galactic Registryphkb2017-05-19Download GalCop Galactic Registry 3.1
Shows a variety of system information for the current galactic sector.
AmbienceMissile Beephoqllnq2017-05-17Download Missile Beep 1.3
Plays beeps whenever a missile is targeted at you.
WeaponsFightersNorby, Shipbuilder, Thargoid, Killer Wolf, Knotty2017-05-16Download Fighters 1.4
Tiny ships can use your cargo space as hangar: launch and attack your hostiles automatically. Finish core missions or travel to far galaxies for better fighters. You can control 8 fighters at once by default, buy a Fighter Bay to handle 16 and allow heavy fighters on board. The best hybrid types require Alien Items from Tharglets.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack N (16:10)phkb2017-05-16Download Xenon UI Resources Pack N (16:10) 1.0.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'NovaSquare' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack M (16:9)phkb2017-05-16Download Xenon UI Resources Pack M (16:9) 1.0.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'NovaSquare' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack L (16:10)phkb2017-05-16Download Xenon UI Resources Pack L (16:10) 1.0.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'Discognate' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack K (16:9)phkb2017-05-16Download Xenon UI Resources Pack K (16:9) 1.0.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using 'Discognate' font.
AmbienceFont: NovaSquarephkb2017-05-11Download Font: NovaSquare 1.2
Font by Wojciech Kalinowski (wmk69@o2.pl) https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Nova+Square
MechanicsSmugglers - The Galactic Underworldphkb2017-05-10Download Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld 1.2.1
Makes any commodity potentially illegal to import in various systems, and adds equipment and contracts for those interested in smuggling goods outside normal legal channels.
MiscellaneousBulletin Board Systemphkb2017-05-10Download Bulletin Board System 0.28
Adds an interface screen that can be used by other OXP's for adding local or event-driven mission opportunities.
HUDsMFD - Damage Reportphkb2017-05-10Download MFD - Damage Report 2.3.1
Displays a list of damaged equipment in an MFD. Also adds an interface screen that can help find the closest system where repairs are possible.
EquipmentBulk Cargo Processorphkb2017-05-03Download Bulk Cargo Processor 1.3
Allows players to dump or destroy all of a particular type of cargo in their hold while in flight.
MechanicsHyperspace HangarRamen2017-04-29Download Hyperspace Hangar 1.14.10
Invented by a small time noodle shop owner, it allows storage of ships in the Hyperspace Hangar service.
AmbienceStation Adsspara2017-04-21Download Station Ads 1.0.4
Enhance busy system stations by decorating them with dock and front ads. Over 400 selected ads from YAH oxp and thread included. Compatible with the default and Griff's normalmapped system stations.
EquipmentMarket Inquirerspara2017-04-21Download Market Inquirer 1.13.1
Market Inquirer adds an MFD that shows the markets of the main station and selected stations closest to the player. ASC is needed. When docked, information about distances and markets is available from the interfaces (f4).
HUDsMFD - CommsLogphkb2017-04-19Download MFD - CommsLog 1.7.4
Stores all communications received by the player and display them in a multi-function display in-flight and via a ship interface when docked. The MFD is primable equipment that can be used to scroll the display to view older comms messages.
ShipsDark Rainbowsdrubble2017-04-17Download Dark Rainbow 1.2
Uber-Caduceus ship firing colorful plasma balls from 10 turrets.
HUDsMFD - Broadcast Commsphkb, Zireael2017-04-16Download MFD - Broadcast Comms 1.2.3
Provides a way to send communications to other ships via a multi-function display and primable equipment.
RetexturesGriff's Normalmapped Ships (Replace)Griff, spara2017-04-13Download Griff's Normalmapped Ships (Replace) 1.1.4
An all-in-one installation of Griff's normalmapped ships as a replacement set. Including ships, stations, missiles, escape capsule, cargo pods, asteroids and alloys and wreckage. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Balances the roles to match the core distribution.
DockablesZ-GrOovY Small System Stationsdertien, Griff2017-04-13Download Z-GrOovY Small System Stations 1.3
Adds the Octahedron Outpost and the Tetrahedron Depot to selected systems. The Griff Station Bundle is required and will be installed automatically with this pack.
RetexturesGriff Station BundleGriff2017-04-12Download Griff Station Bundle 1.3
Large texture re-skins for the Coriolis, Dodo, Ico and Rock Hermit Stations. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
HUDsXenon HUDphkb2017-04-11Download Xenon HUD 1.5.3
This HUD puts most of the important scales (fuel, speed, laser temp, fore/aft shields and energy) around the crosshairs, but with a low alpha and a uniform colour to avoid distractions when fighting. It also moves other HUD elements to the edges of the screen, rather than grouping them around the scanner. Feature summary: - Centralised gauges around the crosshairs and giving them a uniform color. - Fixes bug with witchspace destination label - shows next jump dest. - Docked and inflight GUI huds. - New crosshair images for each weapon type. - Works with 16:10 and 16:9 format displays. - Allows 3rd party laser OXP's to configure the crosshairs. - Automatic 40% glare reduction on all views. - Automatically hides the HUD when an external view is selected. - Implements the "allow_big_gui" option. - Primable equipment allows HUD to be switched to "hi-contrast" mode, which is useful when sun-skimming.
AmbienceXenon Redux UIphkb2017-04-08Download Xenon Redux UI 2.0.4
Adds backgrounds to all screens, allowing for a narrower screen ratio (eg 4:3). Also includes new title screen music. Also requires the XenonReduxUIResources.oxz. For 16:9 screens, see Xenon UI. This OXP will override any backgrounds currently applied by other OXP's. This is by design, in order to maintain the illusion of looking at a computer display. If conflicts arise, where important information needs to be given to the player via a background screen, code can be applied to allow exceptions to take place. See the Wiki page for more information.
AmbienceXenon UIphkb2017-04-08Download Xenon UI 2.0.4
New background images all standard gui screens, plus new title screen theme music. Needs one of the Xenon UI Resources packs to be installed: Pack A, C, E or G for 16:9 screens, Pack B, D, F or H for 16:10 screens. Choose a pack that matches the font you are using - see resources pack details for information on which font is used. This OXP will override any backgrounds currently applied by other OXP's. This is by design, in order to maintain the illusion of looking at a computer display. If conflicts arise, where important information needs to be given to the player via a background screen, code can be applied to allow exceptions to take place. See the Wiki page for more information.
ActivitiesAddons for BeginnersNorby2017-04-02Download Addons for Beginners 1.5
Useful packages for new pilots collected by Norby to get the most wanted addons easily. Press "i" for the installation list. This pack does nothing after installed once so you can remove it then remove any unwanted packages. Install: Ambience Collection (about 50 graphical and polishment packages), AutoRefuel, Combat Simulator, ETT Homing Beacon, Miner Cobra, Neo-Docklights, Lave Academy, Tionisla Reporter, Traffic Control, Reverse Control, Ring Racer, Safety Catch, Start Advice, The Collector, Welcome Mat. Optional: ILS Instrument Landing System, Market Inquirer, Torus To Sun, Total Patrol, Variable Masslock. Warning: do not install this collection if you plan to read through the whole addon list and can spend enough time to build up your very unique Ooniverse.
MechanicsAutoRefuelbyronarn2017-04-02Download AutoRefuel 1.0
This OXP automatically refills your fuel tank when you dock, subtracting the cost from your credits.
EquipmentSell EquipmentCommander McLane2017-03-30Download Sell Equipment 1.5
Allows to resell most original equipments and some more in stations with the same techlevel necessary to buy the equipment. The resell value is generally 60 per cent of the original recommended retail price.
DockablesSuperhubPagroove2017-03-30Download Superhub 1.6.3
This huge station in the most productive systems is far more than a space port. It's a modern hospital, office space or even an industrial park.
DockablesDeep Space DredgerCaptain Berf, Eric Walch, Little Bear, Norby, Sabre, phkb, spara2017-03-29Download Deep Space Dredger 2.4.10
Dredgers operate mainly in deep space as mobile shipyards and markets, scooping up wreckage, hydrogen and space dust. Salvage drones are offered to a clean player to launch as a missile to derelict ships. Super Dredgers can launch big ships also.
SystemsAnarchiesCommander McLane, Killer Wolf, Arexack Heretic, Eric Walch, spara, Norby, phkb and Griff2017-03-29Download Anarchies 2.9.3
In certain Anarchy-systems you will find Hacker Outposts, Salvage Gangs, Sentinel Stations or Renegade Stations. Depending on your legal status these may be more or less useful to you, and docking with them may be more or less dangerous to you.
SystemsCommiesAmaranth, Dr. Nil, Eric Walch, Norby, phkb2017-03-29Download Commies 2.16
Adds Astro Mines, Factories, Production Units, Commuters & special police ships to Communist systems.
ShipsLinersSmivs et al2017-03-22Download Liners 1.6.1
Adds large Liners, ferrys and auxiliary ships to the Ooniverse.
MechanicsReverse ControlNorby2017-03-19Download Reverse Control 1.5
Your ship's up-down and roll controls will be reversed in the aft view, so you can aim exactly as in the front view. The controls in left and right views are normalized also, you can use yaw keys (',' and '.') well.
MechanicsTraffic RedistributerRedspear2017-03-18Download Traffic Redistributer 1.0
Manipulates system traffic to reduce time spent in mass-lock with minimal side-effects. Press 'i' for more information. - - - - - - - - - - Station bound traders are often headed in the same direction as the player and as such can contribute to some of the most time consuming and tedious mass-locks in the game. The basic idea here is to alter the probabilities of the various ships appearing to favour the slower ships without excluding any of the faster ones. Slower traders take less time (and/or fuel) to overtake and therefore result in more tolerable mass-locks.
ShipsTAU RockhopperTheta Seven2017-03-18Download TAU Rockhopper 1.1.2
Adds the Rockhopper ship by Tiared Aerodynamics Unit to the game. Press 'i' for more info. The Rockhopper is a relatively small cargo freighter with 80 TC cargo capacity, which makes up for its small storage with good maneuverability and combat capabilities. Available both to players and NPCs.
ShipsThe Classic MussuranaSmivs2017-03-16Download The Classic Mussurana 1.2
A modern update of Aegidian's classic Mussurana. This beautiful ship is a luxury executive express, but is also favoured by successful bounty-hunters and is perfect for small traders with a few Credits in the bank.
EquipmentEmail Systemphkb2017-03-12Download Email System 1.7.3
Adds an email system to the system interfaces screen, and various GalCop entities will start sending emails to the player confirming game events and actions.
ShipsStaer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra (shader version)Staer9, SMIVS, amah, Keeper, spara2017-03-02Download Staer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra (shader version) 1.2.2
This oxp adds the Chopped Cobra by Staer9/Smivs. Shader magic by Keeper. Shaders required.
AmbienceStart Advicespara2017-03-01Download Start Advice 0.3
A smoother start for the game. Popup an info screen for new Commanders with many advices, for example to buy Injectors first. Also offer a mini mission to teach how to deliver a package.
EquipmentQTHI AntiZap (Alpha Preview)QCS2017-02-21Download QTHI AntiZap (Alpha Preview) 0.1
A defensive Anti-Weapon to zap and temporarily overload enemy ships to help getting out of unwanted fights. Attention, Alpha version, everything is subject to change.
ShipsGriff Cobra MkIII AltGriff2017-02-18Download Griff Cobra MkIII Alt 1.3.4
Alternative Highpoly version of the Cobra Mk III. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
RetexturesSubentity Missiles for Griff Cobra MkIIIGriff Thargoid2017-02-18Download Subentity Missiles for Griff Cobra MkIII 1.02
Subentity Missiles for NPC Cobra Mk III. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Subentity Missile Scripts by Thargoid
MechanicsIndestructible InjectorsRedspear2017-02-15Download Indestructible Injectors 1.0
Awards Witchdrive Fuel Injectors to the player ship and makes them immune to damage. Press 'i' for more information. - - - - - - - - - - It's not uncommon for the player to be attacked by large groups of pirates even in the early game (when the player ship is especially vulnerable). By granting the player free injectors that are not subject to damage there is now a good chance to flee from such encounters. Furthermore slower, more vulnerable starting ships are now more viable for the player. As before, injector function is subject to fuel supply and so the player won't be able to run every time. Non player ships don't always have injectors of course but then whether they don't have injectors or have simply run out of fuel is not obvious to the player.
EquipmentLaser Mount Switching Systemphkb2017-02-11Download Laser Mount Switching System 2.0.8
Allows multiple lasers on a single laser mount that can be switched inflight. Now compatible with all OXP lasers.
DockablesStations for Extra Planets - Basespara and collaborators2017-01-30Download Stations for Extra Planets - Base 2.0
Adds stations to extra planets with atmosphere. Requires Additional Planets oxp and at least one station pack.
DockablesStations for Extra Planets - Stationsspara2017-01-30Download Stations for Extra Planets - Stations 2.0
A station pack of ~40 different stations for Stations for Extra Planets oxp. Shaders recommended.
ShipsExecutive SpaceWaysRamirez2017-01-24Download Executive SpaceWays 2.4.2
Adds Delta/Gemini Escorts, Starseeker/Trident Executive Shuttles and Strelka Cruise Liners for the Trident Down Mission pack.
ShipsSaleza AeronauticsRamirez2017-01-24Download Saleza Aeronautics 2.3.2
Adds Bellatrix Cruisers, Rigel Tactical Bombers and Saiph Interceptors to high tech corporate systems.
MechanicsSurjectorsAstrobe2017-01-14Download Surjectors 1.0.0
Injectors burn much less fuel when you toggle weapons off... But shields are toggled off too.
EquipmentAutoDockphkb2017-01-10Download AutoDock 1.1.0
Gives players without a docking computer the ability to engage an autopilot docking sequence for a small charge.
DockablesSolos Alt Stationspagroove, Griff, CaptSolo, Redspear2017-01-01Download Solos Alt Stations 1.0
Alternate Coriolis, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron stations
MissionsMincePiearacer2016-12-24Download MincePie 1.1
Santa likes mince pies. Putting one out is a sure way to make sure he'll come to your system - though his sense of smell isn't that good, so he will have to be within range of the pie to attract him in. Sit near the pie to see Santa eat. Mince pies work like mines so you need space in your rack to buy one (using F3 for equipment). Like Santa, mince pies are time of year limited.
MissionsSantaGriff, Littlebear2016-12-24Download Santa 1.2
Santa watch the system clock and take off in Christmas time only. If you defeat his ship then you can scoop Santa's Lists with the names of good childrens. Deliver it to the main station for some reward.
ShipsIllicit Unlockphkb2016-12-16Download Illicit Unlock 2.5
Unlocks player versions of Gecko, Krait, Mamba, Mamba Escort, Sidewinder, Sidewinder Escort, Constrictor, Transporter, Mining Transporter, Shuttle, Worm, Worm Miner, Viper and Viper Interceptor. Note that apart from the Constrictor and the Viper Interceptor, these ships do not have a hyperdrive, so flying one will be a challenge.
MiscellaneousShip Comparisonphkb2016-12-15Download Ship Comparison 1.7
Helps players in the market for a new ship by showing the specifications of up to 3 different ships side-by-side.
ActivitiesImperial AstroFactoryspara2016-12-14Download Imperial AstroFactory 2.1
Adds AstroFactories to Dictatorship systems. Will work in conjunction with the Dictators OXP, or independently.
WeaponsSniper GunNorby2016-12-10Download Sniper Gun 1.3
Sniper Gun is a strong long range laser placed outside of hull for the best cooling. Ships must hold a clearly visible big gun mount to use it: you find Asp SG, Boa SG, Cobra Mark III SG, Fer-de-Lance SG, Krait SG and Viper SG in high-tech shipyards. Press 'i' for more info about Heavy Sniper Gun and Sapper mode of this weapon. Heavy Sniper Gun has 2x power but need large ship like Python HSG, Python BattleCruiser or Prototype Boa. Sapper is the overdrive mode of Sniper Gun: deliver 5x more damage at point blank range than at max. range but use 5x energy and make double heat. The 5x hit is within 500m, 2x at 2km, 1x at 20km. Note the base damage/second value is only the half than in Sniper mode, so at and within 500m provide 2.5x more damage than a Sniper Gun in the same time. Cause some damage when a shot narrowly misses the target and can mine asteroids. You can set auto or manual switching between Sniper Gun and Sapper using Sapper Mode equipment. Anti-Sapper equipments and Hard Shields almost negate the effect. Can not be separated and break your cloak when you fire. Overheat can damage Sapper and reduce it to Sniper Gun, in this case you must repair Sapper Mode.
MechanicsHardShipsNorby2016-11-20Download HardShips 0.89
Ships get 6 side armours, 10 Hard ships with Hard Armour, many new defensive equipments and Drones.
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps rockyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-19Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps rocky 1.0
Provides 12 high resolution rocky planet/moon textures for use with the Additional Planets SR oxz.
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps icyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-18Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps icy 1.0
Provides 9 high resolution icy planet/moon textures for use with the Additional Planets SR oxz.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack J (16:10)phkb2016-11-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack J (16:10) 1.0.1
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'Dosis (Dangerous)' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack I (16:9)phkb2016-11-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack I (16:9) 1.0.1
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using 'Dosis (Dangerous)' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack B (16:10)phkb2016-11-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack B (16:10) 1.3.1
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'OCR A Extended' font.
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps dustyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-16Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps dusty 1.0
Provides 14 high resolution dusty planet/moon textures for use with the Additional Planets SR oxz.
MechanicsModern Startphkb2016-11-02Download Modern Start 1.0
Adds 6 additional starting scenarios that give the player basic equipment considered normal in other games: fuel injectors, a fuel scoop, the scanner targeting enhancement, plus a simplified targeting system.
EquipmentTrophy Collectorspara2016-11-01Download Trophy Collector 2.3.0
Keep track of your kills. When in-flight, view your 10 last kills (Bounty Log) in an MFD. When docked, view your all-time kills (Trophy Collection) along with a kill log (Trophy Log) of 38 events in the interfaces screen.
MechanicsEquipment by Ship ClassRedspear2016-10-31Download Equipment by Ship Class 0.5
Categorises ships according to three fields (size, tech, grade) and restricts/alters functionality of equipment accordingly. Press "i" for more information. - - - - - - - - - - Size Categories: Very Small; Small; Medium; Large; Huge Tech Categories: Archaic; Low; Standard; High; Cutting Edge Grade Categories: Service; Transit; Civilian; Military; Performance Size and Tech categories are fixed but grade may be changed via a re-fit at a suitably equipped shipyard. Each grade has a unique piece of equipment: Service - Heat Shielding; Transit - Large Cargo Bay; Civilian - Passenger Berths; Military - Military Shields; Performance - Engine Supercharger (+ 0.05 LM unless ship is performance grade by default).
MechanicsShaky DriveAstrobe2016-10-28Download Shaky Drive 1.0.0
Makes the ship shake and steer randomly when using the Torus drive.
WeaponsNew LasersRedspear2016-10-28Download New Lasers 0.7
A simple mod to add several new lasers and laser colours to Oolite. Adds some of them to the core shipset as well as making them available to the player. Press "i" for more information. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Red: Pulse lasers,budget - Ingram (range) and Ergon (cool-running) Orange: Defence lasers, slow heat up, reasonable fire-rate - Ingram MegaBlast (power) and Dual 22-18 (speed) Brown: Variscan lasers, multi-purpose - Volt (power) and Hassoni (budget) Yellow: Beam lasers, rapid-fire - Ingram (range) and Ergon (cool-running) Green: Burst lasers, dogfighting - Hassoni-Kruger (budget) and ColtMaster (power) Cyan: Bolt lasers, sniping - Hassoni HiRad (power) and ColtMaster Starlaser (speed) Blue: Mining lasers, specialist - Ingram (standard) and JK (power) models Magenta: Military lasers, combat versatility - Lance & Ferman (range) and Ergon (cool-running)
MechanicsInterstellar TweaksUK_Eliter2016-10-27Download Interstellar Tweaks 5.38
Adds variety to what happens in interstellar space (and makes Frame's FuelCollector OXP more compatible with Oolite >= 1.8).
WeaponsMultiple LasersNorby2016-10-27Download Multiple Lasers 1.8
Dual Lasers: Boa, Fer-de-Lance, Cat, Ghavial, Iguana, Python, Vector, Viper and more. Triple Lasers: Anaconda, Arachnid, Caduceus, Chameleon, Chopped Cobra/S9, Cobra III, Cobra Clipper/Rapier/Cutlass, DTT War Lance, Hornet, King Cobra, Krait, S8, WolfII. Quad Lasers: Boa Class Cruiser, Mussurana, Pitviper II. Press 'i' for more. Aft Dual Lasers: Boa Class Cruiser (Fw:4), Python (Fw:1, sides:2), Wolf II (Fw:3). Anaconda hold 3-3 lasers on all sides. Constrictor has 5 forward and 3 aft lasers. Black Cobra IV and King Cobra has 3 forward lasers in the same central position. DTT Heart of Gold has 4 + 2 + 5 + 5 lasers. DTT War Lance has 3 + 3 lasers. EscortPack: Dual: Ghavial, Ophidian Escort, Wolf I, Triple: Arachnid, S8. Staer9's ships with dual forward lasers: Cat, Ghavial, Iguana, Monitor II. Staer9's Python Class Cruiser and Python ET Special got 2 lasers in all views. Staer9's Asp Mark II Special has 3 forward and 3 aft lasers. Staer9's Chameleon has 3 forward lasers in the same central position. Staer9's Mussurana has 4 forward lasers in the same position (for 875kcr). Stormbrewer has 3 forward lasers and gun subentitites, Vigilante has 5 + 5. Vector has 3 forward and 2 aft lasers, aft ones in the same position. See even more ships in the Wiki. Compatible with Random Hits Shipset OXP.
DockablesHoOpy CasinoEric Walch, Murgh, CaptSolo, Spara2016-10-25Download HoOpy Casino 1.3.5
Commanders who chose to dock with a HoOpy Casino are quickly ushered into the vast gaming halls, here to be offered the opportunity to win or lose credits in games of chance.
ShipsPitviperCaptain Beatnik2016-10-24Download Pitviper 1.1
What the Boa II is to the trader, the Pitviper is to the bounty-hunter. It's a straightforward combat vessel, a bounty-hunters dream. (And thus a pirates nightmare, of course). A special characteristic of the pitviper is its forcefield-reinforced hull. This, together with the special design of the hull, enables the pilot to attack by ramming other ships. But be careful! If the speed is too high (or the opponents ship is really big), even a reinforced hull may break.
ShipsEagle Transporterspud42, cbr2016-10-19Download Eagle Transporter 1.0.1
Eagle Transporter from Space: 1999 TV series is an ideal multirole ship, features small front profile, 75TC cargo and high speed. The Eagle Escort variant is better in combat without cargo capacity.
MechanicsZero Map - Explore the galaxySMax2016-10-14Download Zero Map - Explore the galaxy 0.6
Plugin clears a map of the Galaxy. The map opens as you progress through: * Visited systems - all information about system is available * Systems in 7LY from the visited systems - only system name and coordinates are available. * Systems in 10LY from the visited systems - only system coordinates are available (allows to find isolated areas). Automatically imports the history from the Explorers Club.
AmbienceShip Resprayphkb2016-10-06Download Ship Respray 1.3.1
Gives players the opportunity to purchase a new paint job for their ship. Works in conjunction with other shipset OXP's.
EquipmentFuel GeneratorSMax2016-09-30Download Fuel Generator 0.2
Fuel generator allows to synthesize fuel from energy. Synthesizes 1LY fuel per 1 energy bank. Damage shields due subspace disturbances. TL13+, 20 000 Cr. Takes up 5t of cargo space.
ActivitiesRRS Black Box - Hot&Cold gameSMax2016-09-24Download RRS Black Box - Hot&Cold game 0.1
Play the Hot&Cold game while looking the Black Box for RRS Groups.
DockablesPlanetFall Market SaverSMax2016-09-12Download PlanetFall Market Saver 0.1
Save market in PlanetFall stations in save-file. Reset after witchspace jump.
MechanicsAsteroid RemoverSMax2016-09-12Download Asteroid Remover 0.3
Remove blasted asteroids between save games. Reset after witchspace jump.
AmbienceAsteroid RandomizerSMax2016-09-12Download Asteroid Randomizer 0.1
Moves static asteroids on a really random position (within 5 km from the standard position).
MechanicsHyperdrivesRedspear2016-09-11Download Hyperdrives 0.3
Limits fuel capacity (and therefore hyperspace range) according to ship type, with some bonuses for equipping various items.
RetexturesThe Classic Ships (Replace)Smivs2016-09-09Download The Classic Ships (Replace) 1.4
Replace the default ship set with modern re-imaginings of the classic Elite-style ships.
RetexturesThe Classic Ships (Addition)Smivs2016-09-09Download The Classic Ships (Addition) 1.4
Adds modern re-imaginings of the classic Elite-style ships to the default set.
ShipsStaer9's ShipsetStaer9, Keeper2016-09-09Download Staer9's Shipset 1.4.1
Adds 13 nice looking and nicely balanced ships to the game. Models and textures by Staer9. Custom shader and reworked textures by Keeper.
WeaponsSeparated LasersNorby2016-09-09Download Separated Lasers 1.2
Multiple lasers will not heat up faster than single ones if there is at least 30m space between the mount points. Large ships can earn up to 5x firepower on broadsides! Multiple Pulse, Beam and Military Lasers, new Eco Lasers with low energy usage and some Laser Cannons are also available in separated form. Press 'i' for more info. Ships with separated laser mounts: Anaconda (aft and sides), Boa II (aft), Caduceus, Cat, DTT War Lance, Ghavial, Hornet, Iguana, Krait, Pitviper II, Stormbrewer, Vector, Wolf I, Wolf II (aft) and more, as defined in Multiple Lasers OXP. Broadsides (5 lasers on sides): DTT Atlas, Heart of Gold, Serpent Class Cruiser. Forward broadsides (5 separated forward lasers): Far Arm Corsair, Far Arm Hunter. Broadsides in all 4 views: Kirin, Maelstrom. Sniper Gun and Heavy Sniper Gun are also separable in SG variants of ships if there is enough space between mounts but Sapper is not separable. Check the wiki for details.
MechanicsMarket Cooldownspara2016-09-08Download Market Cooldown 0.3
An experimental OXP, that changes the game to remember markets when hopping systems. The memory gradually fades away over time. This encourages to move a bit rather than zipping between two systems.
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set GDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set G 4.4.1
Advert set G for YAH - Oodles
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set FDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set F 4.4.1
Advert set F for YAH - Star
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set EDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set E 4.4.1
Advert set E for YAH - Sainsboory's
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set DDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set D 4.4.1
Advert set D for YAH - GalaxyMart
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set CDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set C 4.4.1
Advert set C for YAH - Mallwart
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set BDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set B 4.4.1
Advert set B for YAH - Tescoo
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set ADr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here Set A 4.4.1
Advert set A for YAH - Pi47
AmbienceYour Ad HereDr. Nil and contributors2016-09-03Download Your Ad Here 4.4.1
Adds advertising billboards and constores to various systems
AmbienceYour Ad Here Constores Onlyspara2016-08-30Download Your Ad Here Constores Only 1.0.2
Supress all other buoy billboards added by YAH except Constores' own navigation billboard.
AmbienceYour Ad Here More Adsspara2016-08-29Download Your Ad Here More Ads 1.1
Over 100 extra ads for Your Ad Here.
ActivitiesYour Ad Here Gem Casinospara, CaptSolo2016-08-29Download Your Ad Here Gem Casino 1.0.1
Adds casino games using gems as credits to the Con Stores from Your Ad Here.
MechanicsN-ShieldsNgalo2016-08-23Download N-Shields 0.7.1
Fair NPC fore/aft shield simulation and associated visual effects, intended as an improved alternative to the CustomShields and NPC-Shields OXPs.
HUDsHUD Selector with Large HUDNorby2016-08-20Download HUD Selector with Large HUD 1.17
Change your HUD during flight between the supported ones. You can set your default MFDs and scanner settings for any HUD. Contain ExtraLarge, Large and Small HUDs, all with 10 MFDs.
ShipsFdL LightspeederRedspear2016-08-13Download FdL Lightspeeder 1.0
'Neo-Retro' Fer de Lance - a little faster, a little closer to the original 'elite' shape
HUDsMFD Restore After LoadSMax2016-08-09Download MFD Restore After Load 0.1
Restore MFD configuration after game loading.
ShipsExtra ThargoidsUK_Eliter2016-07-28Download Extra Thargoids 4.16
Adds new types of Thargoid, which are to be encountered especially in interstellar space.
ShipsFer-de-Lance 3GUK_Eliter2016-07-28Download Fer-de-Lance 3G 6.35
Adds a line of Fer-de-Lance ships. Player buyable.
ShipsStar DestroyerStaer9, GGShinobi, Norby2016-07-23Download Star Destroyer 1.6
Imperial-class Star Destroyer is probably the largest and most powerful warship which is available in a few Shipyards, for astronomical cost. Longer than a station but can dock using a Shuttle or ILS. Hold 30 turrets and 72 TIE Fighters which counterattack automatically and cheap to replace.
ActivitiesEscort DeckNorby2016-07-17Download Escort Deck 1.11
Build up your escort fleet and hold on an external deck attached to your ship. Salvage unusable derelict ships for cash.
MechanicsMore Escape PodsStrato12016-07-03Download More Escape Pods 0.1.2
Adds a chance that some default ships (Adder, Sidewinder, Gecko, Mamba, Moray, Cobra Mk1, Krait) will be equipped with an escape pod, that wouldn't otherwise. This chance varies from 10% to 35% depending on ship type, loosely depending upon a ship's mass.
RetexturesThe Classic ShipyardSmivs2016-06-30Download The Classic Shipyard 1.1
Offers the player a variety of textures for each ship type in the shipyard.
DockablesDarkside Moonshine DistilleryStormrider2016-06-16Download Darkside Moonshine Distillery 0.8
The Darkside Moonshine Distilleries are only found in a few systems in each chart, often clustered in poor agricultural regions. They offer a special commodity Witchfire Whiskey.
EquipmentWaypoint HereNeelix2016-06-06Download Waypoint Here 0.2
Allows you to set up to 5 waypoints to mark your current location so you can find your way back there later. Does not use any missile pylons.
EquipmentSniperLockCommonSenseOTB2016-05-24Download SniperLock 1.0.0
SniperLock software allows for more accurate targetting by enabling longer dwell times on targets.
AmbienceDistant StarsRustem2016-05-22Download Distant Stars 0.0.5
Distant Star tweaks the appearance of every star individually. Every star has its colour set. Based on Distant Suns, Stranger's World, System Features Sunspots and Wikipedia.
AmbienceTrailsNorby2016-05-22Download Trails 1.11
NPC ships leaves condensation trails, rocks make gray vapour when move. Works without shaders but not recommended for old computers where FPS could be low when display many trails. No trails in Red Alert below 50 FPS if weapons are online.
MechanicsShipVersionNorby2016-05-22Download ShipVersion 1.23
All ship get version numbers and bonuses with the version, NPCs get extra equipments scaled with the version.
ShipsHognoseGriff2016-05-20Download Hognose 1.3.2
The 'Hognose' from the Acorn Archimedes version of the original Elite. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. This ship is not Player flyable. This version is the CaptSolo Fixed AI version
EquipmentILS Instrument Landing SystemNorby2016-05-20Download ILS Instrument Landing System 1.11
ILS will guide your ship into the dock of the station you targeted. The speed controls are in your hand so you can ignite Injectors to arrive faster or stop to avoid collisions. Other ships will dock much faster using short path and injectors - effectively cure traffic jams near stations when you are waiting for landing clearance.
DockablesFree Trade ZonesDisembodied2016-05-19Download Free Trade Zones 0.21
Adds Free Trade Zones to Multi-Government systems (TL7+).
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack G (16:9)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack G (16:9) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using the default 'Helvetica Bold' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack H (16:10)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack H (16:10) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using the default 'Helvetica Bold' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack F (16:10)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack F (16:10) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'Dangerous Square' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack E (16:9)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack E (16:9) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using 'Dangerous Square' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack D (16:10)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack D (16:10) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:10 screens, using 'Xolonium' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack C (16:9)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack C (16:9) 1.1.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using 'Xolonium' font.
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack A (16:9)phkb2016-05-18Download Xenon UI Resources Pack A (16:9) 1.3.0
Image resources required for the Xenon UI, for 16:9 screens, using 'OCR A Extended' font.
AmbienceXenon Redux UI Resourcesphkb2016-05-18Download Xenon Redux UI Resources 1.2.0
Image and music resources for the Xenon Redux UI
EquipmentBreakable Witch DriveCapt Murphy2016-05-17Download Breakable Witch Drive 1.3.2
This OXP make the Thruspace Hyperdrive (or Witch Space Drive) into an equipment item that can be damaged in combat.
EquipmentManifest ScannerStormrider2016-04-09Download Manifest Scanner 1.2
The manifest scanner allows you to scan a ships cargo manifest and display it in a MFD when activated.
ShipsStaer9/Smivs S9 Chopped CobraStaer9, SMIVS, amah2016-04-08Download Staer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra 1.1.4
This oxp adds the Chopped Cobra by Staer9/Smivs. Doesn't depend on shaders so can be also used on computers without a graphics card without it.
DockablesWildshipsThargoid2016-04-04Download Wildships 1.11.1
Four new ships plus the Kiota station variants.
WeaponsEco LasersNorby2016-03-13Download Eco Lasers 1.0
Economical Lasers are developed for separated multiple mounts where energy usage is important. Eco Laser and Eco Cannon are strong but short range (5km) weapons, Eco Artillery is the strongest and long range (20km) but cost 400kCr. Eco Reactor is not a weapon but restore energy, useful in side mounts - a life saver in emergency.
WeaponsLaser CannonsNorby2016-03-06Download Laser Cannons 1.11
Laser Cannons are developed from Mining Lasers. Consume more energy and cause extreme heat, but a single shot deliver similar damage than a series of Beam Lasers. Fit into large ships only except Mini Cannons, usually short ranged and must aim carefully. Pilots tend to eject from cannon hits when energy is low.
AmbienceDeath Commsphkb2016-03-03Download Death Comms 1.6
This OXP attempts to add a bit of flavour to battles by sometimes having ships give a final comms message when they die.
EquipmentShield Cycler NextLone_Wolf2016-02-16Download Shield Cycler Next 1.12.2
Development version of Shield Cycler
EquipmentTrail DetectorNorby2016-02-15Download Trail Detector 1.0
Buy Trail Detector to see engine trails of other ships up to a bit over scanner range. Requires Trails OXP.
MissionsSpy HunterSelezen, phkb2016-02-08Download Spy Hunter 1.2
A spy has infiltrated GalCop space and is trying to escape with stolen data. Can you track them down? A mission pack set in Galaxy 1 for Dangerous-rated pilots.
ActivitiesIn-System Taxispara2016-02-07Download In-System Taxi 1.2.3
This oxp adds in-system passenger contracts to the game. Passenger Berth is required along with some extra stations. In-System Taxi Comms equipment allows you to get in-system passenger offers while cruising.
ShipsGriff Prototype BoaGriff2016-02-06Download Griff Prototype Boa 1.2
Griff Prototype Boa. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsWolf Mk IIGriff2016-02-06Download Wolf Mk II 1.4.2
The 'Wolf MK II' pirate raider from the Amiga version of the original Elite. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsStormbrewerStormrider2016-02-05Download Stormbrewer 2.9.4
The Stormbrewer light transport has enough cargo space to use for small cargo contracts or passenger transport, but still nimble enough to use as a heavy fighter
RetexturesNoshader extra stations addonGriff, CaptKev, Ark, Detrien, amah2016-02-05Download Noshader extra stations addon 1.0.1
This bundle *adds* different additional small, medium and large system stations based on Griff's old grey Coriolis, Trade Outpost and Dertien's Z_GrOovy SML Tetra and Octahedron and Ico Systemstations. (requires Noshader Z GrOovy station resources)
ShipsTeretrurusSmivs2016-01-29Download Teretrurus 3.0
The Teretrurus is a chopped Cobra MkIII, available with two colourful paint-jobs, the Purple Haze and the Shield-Tail. Both are player-buyable, and will appear as NPCs from time to time.
MechanicsSpicy Hermitsspara2016-01-28Download Spicy Hermits 1.0.3
Spices rock hermits to better fit their core roles by modifying their behavior and markets. Adds abandoned hermits to the game.
ShipsSimon B's FavoritesKeeper, Simon B, spara2016-01-23Download Simon B's Favorites 1.1.3
Adds Simon B's re-modelled versions of Aphid, Cobra Clipper, Cobra Clipper SAR, Cobra Rapier, Cobra Cutlass and Wolf Mark I to the game. Original ship concepts by 8-Bit Apocalypse, Murgh, Wolfwood. Includes player and NPC ships.
ShipsPitviper Mark IICaptain Beatnik, spara2016-01-17Download Pitviper Mark II 1.1
Reinforced hull and cutting blades on each fuselage enables the pilot to attack smaller ships by careful ramming.
MechanicsIllegal Goods TweakCapt Murphy2016-01-06Download Illegal Goods Tweak 2.2.2
Introduces interaction with Galcop customs when docking at a main station with contraband in the hold.
AmbienceHeadlightsNorby2016-01-01Download Headlights 1.2
Tune the light level with this primable equipment on the dark side of objects like you have powerful headlights.
HUDsMFD - Navigationspara2015-12-31Download MFD - Navigation 1.8.1
Display navigational information in an MFD. Information includes data from hyperdrive system and space compass. Costs 650 credits and is available from TL7 and higher stations.
EquipmentOre ProcessorArk, Dr. Nil, Eric Walch, Kaks, spara2015-12-26Download Ore Processor 2.2.2
Don't accept lousy pay for mined minerals! The Ore Processor extracts any valuable material from scooped asteroid splinters. The equipment is sold at high tech shipyards and is every miner's dream.
EquipmentExtra Fuel TanksSmivs2015-12-26Download Extra Fuel Tanks 1.7
Additional Reserve (1LY) and Auxiliary (3LY) fuel tanks. These are fitted internally and can be re-filled.
AmbienceCountdown to Zerospara2015-12-25Download Countdown to Zero 1.0
BGS countdown goes down to zero while core countdown goes down to one. This oxp makes the core textual countdown go to zero too.
HUDsColuber HUD CH01Captain Beatnik, Norby2015-12-20Download Coluber HUD CH01 1.2.2
The Coluber HUD CH01 is a fully featured HUD with individual scales for each gauge and additional control lights for important equipment.
AmbienceNavigation FlashersFritz G.2015-12-20Download Navigation Flashers 1.0
Adds flashers to docking navigation buoys to increase visibility.
MechanicsDisplay Current Coursephkb2015-12-18Download Display Current Course 1.6
Displays the players current course on contract detail pages, enabling the player to see if the proposed course to the target destination is close to their currently plotted course. Requires the Advanced Navigational Array.
EquipmentFlight LogThargoid2015-12-18Download Flight Log 1.11
Adds a simple log of the last 100 systems visited in the current galaxy (latest 10 viewable in-game), which can be dumped out to latest.log. Your kills and profit/loss made whilst in-system are also logged.
ShipsThe Classic SuperPythonsSmivs2015-12-16Download The Classic SuperPythons 1.0
This expansion adds updated versions of Aegidian's Python Class Cruiser and the Python Eunectes Turbo. Suitable for Oolite v1.80 upwards with high resolution graphics and updated code.
EquipmentSynchronised TorusFritz G.2015-12-15Download Synchronised Torus 1.0
Enables torus drive synchronisation with NPC ships escorted by the player.
MissionsEscort ContractsCapt. Murphy, Keeper, Norby, ZygoUgo, phkb, Fritz G.2015-12-08Download Escort Contracts 1.7.1
Start your Escort Contracts in the interfaces (F4) screen after you bought an ITHA license.
AmbienceEngine SoundNorby2015-12-06Download Engine Sound 1.2
The tone of engine sound follow the speed of your ship.
HUDsFighter HUD Mk. IICaptKev, spara2015-11-28Download Fighter HUD Mk. II 1.4.1
A HUD with instrument panel and polarized glass laser sight. 4 MFDs.
EquipmentSingle-Use Witchdriveocz2015-11-27Download Single-Use Witchdrive 0.9.2
Adds the option to buy a Single-use Witchdrive for ships without a Witchdrive, that will break after one use. The drive is repairable, weights 2 tons and a second set of coils (weighting another ton) can be added, to allow a second use before repairs become necessary.
AmbienceFont: Dangerous Squareedgepixel2015-11-26Download Font: Dangerous Square 1.2
A font based on one used in the Elite:Dangerous game.
AmbienceFont: Dosisedgepixel2015-11-26Download Font: Dosis 1.0
Font based on Google's webfont 'Dosis' designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari, as used by the game 'Elite:Dangerous', with icons from edgepixel's 'Dangerous Square' font.
RetexturesNoshader Mimoriarty's Radical Logistics shipsMickey Moriarty, amah2015-11-21Download Noshader Mimoriarty's Radical Logistics ships 1.0.3
This bundle adds following ships from Mimoriarty's Radical Logistics to the Ooniverse: The Yasen-N - a trader/hunter, the Skat -fast courier, the Lira -a fast bulky trader, to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or are suitable for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
AmbienceFont: Xoloniumphkb2015-11-12Download Font: Xolonium 1.2
Based on the font designed by Severin Meyer at http://openfontlibrary.org/en/font/xolonium. A Futuristic font with a focus on readability.
AmbienceFont: OCR A Extendedphkb2015-11-12Download Font: OCR A Extended 1.2
OCR A Extended Font (http://cooltext.com/download-font-ocr+a+extended)
MechanicsStart Choicesspara2015-11-12Download Start Choices 1.8.1
This oxp gives you some start-up choices of various difficulty ranging from very easy to extremely hard. In addition the Adder is given a change to buy a 3 tn cargo expansion so it can be used for passenger transporting.
ActivitiesMining Contractsdiagoras2015-11-11Download Mining Contracts 1.12
Excavate asteroids for reward with deadline conditions.
Equipmentbuyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets.phkb, amah2015-11-06Download buyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets. 0.6
Adds turrets as upgrade equipment for Yasen-N class ships. (Needs the Mimoriarty's RL ships and Shipstoragehelper)
ActivitiesBank of the Black MonksLittleBear, Griff, spara2015-11-02Download Bank of the Black Monks 2.2.1
Bank of the Black Monks invites you to undertake a short term financial pilgrimage for the Black Monks of St. Herod. In addition monasteries, that can be found in safe and advanced systems, sell blessed Holy Fuel. Beware of the Black Monk Gunships that persecute defaulters.
RetexturesNoshader Griff's missing coreshipsamah2015-11-02Download Noshader Griff's missing coreships 1.1.1
This bundle adds missing ships like the organic Thargoid, a 2nd flyable Python or Sidewinder and the scuffed Cobra mk3 in default Oolite. It is based on the original shader models and textures from Griff's coreships and was remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
ShipsMiner CobraNorby, Griff, Z_GrOovy2015-10-27Download Miner Cobra 1.4
Modified Cobra Mark III for miners: 75t cargo, miner laser and scoop in change of less energy, recharge and missile pylons.
MechanicsAsteroid Tweaksspara2015-10-24Download Asteroid Tweaks 1.3
Control asteroid respawning and the number of asteroids the game spawns at system creation. Configure settings via an interface screen.
MechanicsSellAllNorby2015-10-18Download SellAll 1.29
Sell all cargo in Interfaces and can sell to an alternative cutomer if the market is full.
RetexturesGriff AsteroidsGriff2015-10-17Download Griff Asteroids 1.01
Griff Asteroids Bundle. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders.
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids - noshadersZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids - noshaders v1.2.7
7 different asteroid models by ZygoUgo. looks good even on simpler GPUs, doesn't rely on shader effects.
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids - shadyZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids - shady v1.2.7
7 different asteroid models by ZygoUgo. Needs modern GPUs with shaders.
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids resourcesZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids resources v1.2.8
resource files for ZygoUgo's asteroids. needed for the shady or noshaders addon
AmbienceZygoUgo's ExplosionsZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Explosions v1.0.1
ZygoUgo's fancy explosion effects.
AmbienceZygoUgo's BuoyZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Buoy v1.0.1
ZygoUgo's flashy Buoy.
RetexturesNoshader stations for sfepGriff, Ark, CaptKev, Dertien, amah2015-10-16Download Noshader stations for sfep 1.0.1
This bundle patches stations for extra planets using the default core stations and noshadered Griff's old grey Coriolis, Trade Outpost and Dertien's Z_GrOovy SML Tetra and Octahedron and Ico Systemstations instead. (requires stations for extra planets & Noshader extra stations resources)";
RetexturesNoshader chunky exploding asteroidsGriff, ZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download Noshader chunky exploding asteroids 1.0
This bundle adds an explosion effect to all asteroids. Based on Griff asteroids and ZygoUgo's Asteroids. Depends on Noshader Griff's accessories.
RetexturesNoshader Griff's accessoriesGriff, amah2015-10-15Download Noshader Griff's accessories 1.1.1
This bundle *adds* a variety of cargopods, asteroids, boulders and splinters. It is based on the original shader models and textures by Griff and was remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
ShipsEscort PackNorby2015-10-14Download Escort Pack 1.2
Various escort ships, useful for Escort Deck.
MiscellaneousShip Storage HelperCapt. Murphy, Norby2015-10-14Download Ship Storage Helper 0.28
A helper to other OXPs to store/restore current ship info. Required by Carriers, Combat Simulator, Hyperspace Hangar and Ship Respray.
EquipmentMarket Observerspara2015-10-11Download Market Observer 3.5
Enhances the market screen by showing ads and trading information. Trade information includes price average, difference, percentual difference and purchase log. This oxp also gives a trader's rating based on your buys and sells.
RetexturesNoshader extra station resourcesGriff, Ark, CaptKev, Detien, amah2015-10-11Download Noshader extra station resources 1.0.0
This bundle contains resource files for extra small, medium and large space stations. It is based on the original shader models and textures from Griff's old grey Coriolis, his Tradeoutpost and Dertien's Z_GrOovy SML and Systemstations and were remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.";
EquipmentAuto EjectCommander McLane2015-10-07Download Auto Eject 1.2
This equipment ejects your Escape Pod automatically when your energy becomes too low.
HUDsMFD - Combat MFDNorby, Zireael2015-10-03Download MFD - Combat MFD 1.12
Makes the Multi-Function Displays more useful by displaying some info from your ship and your target. Fill up 40 custom HUD dials with useful values for HUDs in HUDSelector.
ShipsDragonshipsChristian Sturke aka Rorschachhamster2015-10-02Download Dragonships 1.0.3
Three different low tec ships in a style based loosely on WW2 airplanes and a lot of artistic freedom. Without use of shaders
ShipsThe Classic X-shipsSmivs2015-09-29Download The Classic X-ships 1.0
A beautiful modern re-work of some of Aegidian's X-ships. Includes the Asp-X, Cobra2-X (plus a new Courier/player version) and the Sidewinder-X (plus a new player version).
MechanicsMissile BoosterNorby2015-09-23Download Missile Booster 1.1
Give higher initial speed to missiles as a fix of launching problems in some ships like Python.
RetexturesGriff WormGriff2015-09-23Download Griff Worm 1.04.3
Worm. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Worm, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff ViperGriff2015-09-23Download Griff Viper 1.04.3
Viper. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Vipers, replacing them with the versions in this oxp
RetexturesGriff TransporterGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Transporter 1.04.3
Transporter. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Transporter, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff ThargoidsGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Thargoids 1.04.3
Thargoids. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the default Oolite Thargoid and Tharglet, replacing them with the versions in this oxp
RetexturesGriff SidewinderGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Sidewinder 1.04.4
Sidewinder. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Sidewinder, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff ShuttleGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Shuttle 1.04.3
Shuttle. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Shuttle, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff PythonGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Python 1.04.3
Python. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Python, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff MorayGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Moray 1.04.5
Moray. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Moray, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff MissilesGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Missiles 1.02.1
Missiles. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Missile and ECM Proof Missile, replacing them with the versions in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Mamba AlternativeGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Mamba Alternative 1.04.4
Mamba, alternative texture version. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Mamba, replacing it with the version in this oxp"
RetexturesGriff MambaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Mamba 1.04.4
Mamba. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Mamba, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff KraitGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Krait 1.04.4
Krait. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Krait, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff GeckoGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Gecko 1.04.4
Gecko. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Gecko, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff FerdelanceGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Ferdelance 1.04.3
Ferdelance. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Ferdelance, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Escape CapsuleGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Escape Capsule 1.04.3
Escape Capsule. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Escape Capsule, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff ConstrictorGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Constrictor 1.04.1
Constrictor. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Constrictor, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Cobra MkIIIGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cobra MkIII 1.04.3
Cobra Mk III. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Cobra Mk III, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Cobra MkIGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cobra MkI 1.04.3
Cobra Mk I. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Cobra Mk I, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff CargopodGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cargopod 1.04.3
Cargopod. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Cargopod, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Boa_MkIIGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Boa_MkII 1.04.4
Boa_MkII. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Boa_MkII, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff BoaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Boa 1.04.3
Boa. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Boa, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff AspGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Asp 1.04.3
Asp. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Asp, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff AnacondaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Anaconda 1.04.3
Anaconda. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Anaconda, replacing it with the version in this oxp
RetexturesGriff Alloys and WreckageGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Alloys and Wreckage 1.0.1
Alloys and Wreckage. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders.
RetexturesGriff AdderGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Adder 1.04.3
Adder. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP suppresses the spawning of the Default Oolite Adder, replacing it with the version in this oxp
ShipsGriff Viper Interceptor High Poly versionGriff2015-09-21Download Griff Viper Interceptor High Poly version 1.0.3
Highpoly remake of the Oolite Viper Interceptor. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsGriff Viper High Poly versionGriff2015-09-21Download Griff Viper High Poly version 1.3.1
High poly model version of the Viper. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. This oxz includes a 'shipdata-overrides.plist' file that stops the default Viper model from spawning
MiscellaneousStart in a Griff Cobra MkIIIGriff2015-09-20Download Start in a Griff Cobra MkIII 1.0
Start in a Griff Cobra III. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders. Note - this OXP swaps the defaul player Cobra III for the Griff version
ActivitiesStashespopsch2015-09-13Download Stashes 0.3.1
Adds fun activities and events in space: treasure caches, honeypots, abandoned stashes, restricted military airspace, asteroids, etc.
ShipsRandom Hits Shipsetspara2015-09-12Download Random Hits Shipset 1.1
Add ships from Random Hits to the Ooniverse for ambiance and challenge.
RetexturesNoshader Z GrOovy Variety Packsamah, dertien,griff2015-09-12Download Noshader Z GrOovy Variety Packs 1.1.1
This bundle adds following ships from Dertien's Z Groovy Variety Packs the Ooniverse: his 27 retextured Cobra Mk3s, 15 Cobra Mk1s, 7 Sidewinders and a YellOo Cab Moray Starboat, to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
EquipmentNaval Grid NextLone_Wolf2015-09-03Download Naval Grid Next 1.12
Development version of Naval Grid
RetexturesNo shader Staer9's shipsetstaer9, keeper, spara,amah2015-08-30Download No shader Staer9's shipset 1.3.1
This oxp adds the ships like the Iguana, Salamander, Python Class Cruiser etc made by Staer9 to be used on computers without a graphics card with shaders.
EquipmentNaval GridThargoid2015-08-30Download Naval Grid 1.00
"Military-grade energy grid to properly link the naval energy unit to military-boosted shields, enhancing recharging rates."
RetexturesNoshader Griff's alternate stationsamah, griff2015-08-20Download Noshader Griff's alternate stations 1.0.2
This bundle adds additional alternates of core stations like a blue icosahedron and a orange rock hermit. It is based on the original shader models and textures by Griff and was remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
MechanicsReverse Y ControlNorby2015-08-16Download Reverse Y Control 1.5
Your ship's up-down and roll controls will be equal in all views, but use the opposite vertical directions as ReverseControl.
DockablesBehemothADCK, Aegidian, Griff, Eric Walch, PAGroove, SimonB, spara2015-08-16Download Behemoth 3.1.1
Adds Galactic Navy Carriers to the game. Carriers include four different types of Behemoths and a Navy Class Carrier. In total 40 uniquely named carriers escorted by navy grade Vipers, Asps and Sidewinders.
WeaponsGatling LaserNorby2015-08-09Download Gatling Laser 1.0
Fast laser with internal cooler to be usable soon after overheat. Hold down the fire button when overheated to force the built-in cooler to dissipate the heat as fast as possible. Range is 10km only and need a ship over 130t like a Cobra Mark III.
HUDsMFD - Manifestspara2015-08-03Download MFD - Manifest 1.1.2
Shows manifest information in an MFD. Great for miners, scavengers and others in constant need of cargo hold information. Costs 550 credits and is available from TL5 and higher stations.
EquipmentLaser CoolerNorby2015-08-01Download Laser Cooler 1.1
Turn off and on your hot weapons to attach the Cooler then fire until heat is dissipated. Need much energy, fuel and a ship over 130t mass.
ShipsCarriers with turretsNorby2015-07-31Download Carriers with turrets 1.0
Short range turrets applied on Carriers as a big help in close defese. Requires Carriers OXP.
EquipmentShield CyclerLone Wolf2015-07-30Download Shield Cycler 1.12
Distributes shield energy between fore and aft shields. Adjustable with OXPConfig.
MechanicsTorus To Sun DriveNorby2015-07-27Download Torus To Sun Drive 1.6
Reach the Sun faster due to your Torus works better far from planetary masses. Practical when an addon moved the Sun farther. Moreover provide 2x time forwarding anywhere at Torus speeds when your weapons are offline.
AmbienceDocking FeesLayne & Eris2015-07-27Download Docking Fees 1.6.1
Adds a small docking fee and docking messages to all GalCop stations based on system tech level. Many OXP stations are also given unique fees or docking messages.
ShipsAce's HornetAce\562015-07-16Download Ace's Hornet 0.9.3
Ace\56's Hornet, a mid-sized fighter/trader.
ShipsAce's CruzerAce\562015-07-16Download Ace's Cruzer 0.9.5
Ace\56's Cruzer, a Boa-like bulk transporter.
ShipsAce's Night AdderAce\562015-07-16Download Ace's Night Adder 0.9.2
Ace\56's light escort, with shaders developed by Staer9.
ShipsGeneration ShipsDraco Caeles2015-07-14Download Generation Ships 1.4.0
Adds encounters with the mythical Generation Ships from time to time in interstellar space. GalCop regulations stipulate these enourmous pre-witchspace drive ships should be left completely alone when found. There are serious consequences for attempting to interfere with them in any way.
ActivitiesLife In The FrontierBeeTLe BeTHLeHeM, Norby2015-07-12Download Life In The Frontier 0.7.3
Roleplaying environment on space stations: go for a walk and get a casual event, that could bring an advantage or a risk, a reward or a trouble.
WeaponsNexus MissileUK_Eliter2015-07-07Download Nexus Missile 2.64
Provides various multi-warhead, semi-automatically-targetting, missiles. Available for purchase in various locations.
MechanicsIn System TraderDr.Tripsa2015-07-06Download In System Trader 1.40
Introduces a living market to systems with rewards and risks for in system trading.
DockablesPlanetfall MarketsNorby2015-07-04Download Planetfall Markets 0.1
Enable markets in Planetfall from Oolite 1.82
AmbienceZygo Cinematic Sky & NebulasZygoUgo2015-07-01Download Zygo Cinematic Sky & Nebulas 1.3
Adds a spectacular "cinematic" look to stars and nebulae.
MissionsResistance CommanderRamirez2015-07-01Download Resistance Commander 1.6
A mission/gameplay set in Galaxy 5 that allows players to take command of a small squadron of ships in combat operations.
ActivitiesFuel Collectorvsfc2015-06-27Download Fuel Collector 0.07
Fuel Collector scoops fuel from killed ships and collects fuel while cruising, even in witch space.
AmbienceBuoy RepairEric Walch & Svengali2015-06-25Download Buoy Repair 1.3.4
Adds a buoy repair facility to selected systems and replaces damaged buoys.
AmbienceFont: StandaloneZireael2015-06-24Download Font: Standalone 1.1
Based on the OCR A font, as used in the Deepspace ships OXP.
SystemsFeudal StatesRamirez2015-06-22Download Feudal States 1.16.3
Adds challenges, missions, promotions, tournaments, ships and stations to the leading feudal systems. Depends on Planetfall 1.51.
AmbienceFont: TtyKaks2015-06-19Download Font: Tty 0.6
Based on the font 'Cella' designed by Volker Busse at http://www.fontpalace.com/font-download/Cella/
AmbienceFont: 3DVincentz2015-06-19Download Font: 3D 1.0
Uses the standard Oolite font but adds a subtle 3d effect to the characters.
EquipmentShip's Library Book - MutabilisRamen2015-06-17Download Ship's Library Book - Mutabilis 1.1.1
Adds Drew Wagar's Oolite Novella, Mutabilis, to the Ship's Library OXP
EquipmentBreakable Torus DriveCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Torus Drive 1.1
This OXP make the Torus or Jump Drive into an equipment item that can be damaged in combat.
EquipmentBreakable Shield GeneratorsCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Shield Generators 1.2
This OXP make the generators for the fore and aft shields into equipment items than can be damaged in combat.
EquipmentBreakable HUD and IFF ScannerCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable HUD and IFF Scanner 1.2
This OXP makes the HUD and Scanner into equipment that can be damaged in combat.
EquipmentBreakable EnginesCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Engines 1.1
This OXP make the ships standard engines (or system drive) into a visible equipment item which can be damaged in combat.
MechanicsUntrumbledWildeblood2015-06-17Download Untrumbled 1.1
Untrumbled removes a core game feature which some players find irritating, and prevents any possibility of vermin infestation, but does not cure existing infestations.
EquipmentBreakable Energy UnitCaptMurphy2015-06-16Download Breakable Energy Unit 1.1
This OXP make the ships core energy unit an equipment item that can be damaged in combat.
DockablesSuperhub for Extra PlanetsNorby2015-06-13Download Superhub for Extra Planets 1.0
Superhubs are built over some secondary planets also, in about every 5. systems as the main dock for big ships. Depends on Additional Planets, Stations for Extra Planets and Superhub.
EquipmentUndocumented LaunchWildeblood2015-06-12Download Undocumented Launch 1.1
For a small application filing fee, station masters will allow you to perform an emergency launch without filing a cargo manifest.
MechanicsCommodity Marketsspara2015-06-09Download Commodity Markets 2.0.1
Divides the price column to sell price and buy price. Buy price is always a little higher than sell price. This adds a little bit of difficulty and realism to the game.
AmbienceAmbience CollectionNorby2015-06-08Download Ambience Collection 1.0
Install many graphical packs at once and similars for better look and feel without changing the gameplay. Press 'i' to see the full list. You can remove this and others which is not in your taste after installed once. Install: Asteroid Storm, BetterBuoys, BackGroundSet, BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove, Cabal Common Library, Camera Drones, Captain Solo's Good Fortune, Combat MFD, Commanders Log, Communications Pack A, Contracted Goods Reminder, Delightful Docking, Display reputation, Email System, Explorers' Club, Extracts from the Tre Clan, Famous Planets, Fireworks, Flight Log, Gallery, Griff Station Bundle, HD Backgrounds, HUDSelector, Hyperradio, Icesteroids, LogEvents, Market Observer, MFD - CommsLog, MFD - Manifest, MFD - Navigation, Randomshipnames, Random Player/Ship Name, Satellites, Snoopers, Ship Respray, Ship Storage Helper, Ship's Library with Mutabilis and Status Quo, System Features: Rings and Sunspots, TrackerCam, Trails, Trophy Collector, OXPConfig.
AmbienceHD Backgrounds Image Pack ANorby2015-06-08Download HD Backgrounds Image Pack A 1.0
HD and UHD images for arrival reports and mission screens in core stations. Depends on HD Backgrounds OXP.
AmbienceHD BackgroundsNorby2015-06-08Download HD Backgrounds 1.0
Show station specific high resolution background images on Arrival Reports. Docking Fees OXP can help to see these more times. Prepared mission screens can use these images also. System screens are unchanged (handled by BackGroundSet, Better Screens and Xenon UI).
MiscellaneousPlannerRamen2015-06-08Download Planner 1.0.0
Planner for those who play Oolite too much.
ShipsOphidianGriff2015-06-07Download Ophidian 1.2
The 'Ophidan' trader from Angus Duggan's Elite-A. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsGriffin Mk IGriff2015-06-07Download Griffin Mk I 1.3
The 'Griffin Mk I' trader from the aborted Elite 2 project by Braben & Bell. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsGnatGriff2015-06-07Download Gnat 1.4.2
The 'Gnat', a small fighter from the aborted Elite 2 project by Braben & Bell. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
MiscellaneousGriff Shipset DecalsGriff2015-06-07Download Griff Shipset Decals 1.0
Decal textures for Griff's ships. Install this Expansion Pack to avoid having a blank, empty square appearing on your Griff shipset ship hull instead of a nice bit of decal artwork. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
ShipsBugGriff2015-06-07Download Bug 1.4.1
The 'Bug' trader from the aborted Elite 2 project by Braben & Bell. Requires a video card capable of supporting Oolite Shaders
MissionsEscort ContractsCapt. Murphy, Keeper, Norby, ZygoUgo, Chimrod2015-06-07Download Escort Contracts 1.6.2
Start your Escort Contracts in the Interfaces (F4) screen after you bought an I.T.H.A Independent Escort License.
EquipmentDuplex Fuel Tanktimer2015-06-05Download Duplex Fuel Tank 0.51
Additional fuel tank (3LY) with duplex interaction with main tank. Improved technology allows not only to pump the fuel in the main tank, but also to make the opposite action, for example, in skimming process. The Duplex Fuel Tank takes 8t of cargo space.
MiscellaneousOxpConfigSvengali, Lone_Wolf2015-06-04Download OxpConfig 2.3.4
Provides menus to configure supported OXPs.
AmbienceAmbiences recommended by NorbyNorby2015-06-03Download Ambiences recommended by Norby 1.6
For at least Competent commanders this collection install many packs at once for better look and feel. Press 'i' to see the full list. Beginners should use the 'Ambience Collection' only. You can remove packages not in your taste after installation. Install: Additional Planets, Ambience Collection, Docking Fees, Escort Formations, Headlights, MFD - BroadcastComms, Planetary Compass, Realistic Stars, Start Choices.
MechanicsTotal patrolCommander McLane2015-05-31Download Total patrol 1.4
Makes additional police ships patrol between planet-sun and sun-witchpoint. Nowadays there are some without this addon also but more with this.
ShipsClippersSmivs2015-05-31Download Clippers 1.4.3
Long-legged variants of the Python and Boa Class Cruiser - faster but with less cargo space. Player buyable and NPC.
EquipmentScanner Alerting Enhancementjh1452015-05-30Download Scanner Alerting Enhancement 1.1
Pre-emptive identification and alerting of new ships on the scanner.
MechanicsJaguar CompanyTricky2015-05-24Download Jaguar Company 2.5.29
Adds in an Elite group of pilots to patrol the space lanes in Anarchy, Feudal and Multi-Government systems. Jaguar Company can also be found sometimes in interstellar space.
AmbienceBackGroundSetP.A.Groove, Phantor Gorth, Thargoid, Svengali and Tricky2015-05-23Download BackGroundSet 1.10.9
Framework for images, sounds and ambient music. Depends on Cabal Common Library 1.7. Long range chart mapping is disabled in this version due to incompatible with the new zoomable map feature of Oolite.
MechanicsVariable MasslockNorby2015-05-22Download Variable Masslock 1.1
Variable masslock ranges based on ship mass from Adder at 17km to Anaconda at 26km. Asteroids, buoys, cargo boxes and mines turns off Torus when needed to prevent impact.
MiscellaneousTime ControlNorby2015-05-18Download Time Control 1.1
Set Time Acceleration in Green alert, Injectors and Torus, clear in Red alert, Dock and near a Wormhole. Need a developer release of Oolite which is available at oolite.org right below the main release and identical in gameplay but contain TAF and other debug functions.
AmbienceBackGroundSetP.A.Groove, Phantor Gorth, Thargoid, Svengali and Tricky2015-05-16Download BackGroundSet 1.10.8
Framework for images, sounds and ambient music. Depends on Cabal Common Library 1.7.
EquipmentSafetyCatchNorby2015-05-15Download SafetyCatch 1.3
Prevent accidental Q-Bomb and other mine launches when using missiles. In addition when a fast activation key is set to this equipment then surely launch a missile and not a Q-Bomb.
ShipsYellOo CabsSmivs2015-05-11Download YellOo Cabs 2.5
Adds YellOo Cab taxis to the game. NPCs act as shuttles and inter-system taxis. The ship is player buyable.
RetexturesThe Classic Variety PackSmivs2015-05-11Download The Classic Variety Pack 1.1
Adds 20 more Classic Ship textures to your Ooniverse. N.B. The Classic Ships required - either Addition or Replace version.
EquipmentShip's Library Book - Status QuoRamen2015-05-09Download Ship's Library Book - Status Quo 1.0.0
Adds Drew Wagar's Oolite novella, "Status Quo", to the Ship's Library.
EquipmentSmivs Industries Smivs2015-05-09Download Smivs Industries  1.0
A selection of equipment OXPs by Smivs, including a tea-maker, extra fuel tanks and a handy portable Gal-drive.
AmbienceEnigmasSmivs2015-05-08Download Enigmas 1.0
Adds a collection of curiosities and strange alien species to your Ooniverse. Mostly harmless. Includes Aliens, Giant Space Pizza and Star-jelly OXZs.
AmbienceThe Classic Ooniverse CompilationSmivs2015-05-08Download The Classic Ooniverse Compilation 1.0
A compilation of Smivs' ship OXZs which which give the Ooniverse a retro Elite-style look. These have up-to-date high-resolution graphics, with lots of alternative textures.
AmbienceFireworksCommander McLane2015-05-07Download Fireworks 1.2
This OXP allows you to celebrate your latest achievements with fireworks.
MiscellaneousContracted Goods ReminderWildeblood2015-05-07Download Contracted Goods Reminder
If you are doing a cargo contract and mistakenly sell the goods on the market screen, this will immediately pop up a reminder that you needed that cargo to deliver elsewhere.
AmbienceSatellitesRorschachhamster2015-05-06Download Satellites 1.05
Adds some (0 to 15, dependent on tech level and size of population) of four small satellites to every main planet.
AmbienceIcesteroidsStaer92015-05-06Download Icesteroids 2.1
Icesteroids are like normal asteroids but are frozen lumps of water instead.
HUDsAad-HUDspara2015-05-03Download Aad-HUD 1.1.4
A HUD that enhances and reorganizes the defaults. Laser heat indicator in the x-hair. Roll, pitch and yaw indicators integrated to the compass. MFDs'(4) positioned to the top corners and sides. Shield+energy positioned to the right.
EquipmentAudible Docking Clearancespara2015-05-03Download Audible Docking Clearance 1.3.1
Plays notification sounds for docking events, so you'll not miss the clearance messages. You'll need to have the Docking Clearance Protocol enabled from Game Options.
AmbienceRandom Player/Ship Namespara2015-04-26Download Random Player/Ship Name 1.0.1
Add random pilot and random ship names to the ship registration interface. More variation to random ship names can be added with Random Ship Names OXP.
ActivitiesGalleryNorby2015-04-25Download Gallery 1.21
Show and zoom ships in interfaces, meet Exhibitions and gain Visitor Levels.
HUDsNova Lux HUDVincentz2015-04-17Download Nova Lux HUD 1.3
The Nova Lux (New Light) HUD is the newest in spaceship cockpits, with all functions and features gathered in a slick futuristic design. It changes color based on conditions (Deepspace/Mass-Locked/Alert). It does, however, not brew coffee.
AmbienceBattle DamageSmivs2015-03-19Download Battle Damage 1.3
Causes damage to your hull when hit while shields are down. The damage should be repaired promptly to avoid problems.
EquipmentCup of TeaSmivs2015-03-18Download Cup of Tea 1.2
Buy a cockpit tea making machine. This will brew a lovely cup of tea in 15 seconds.
AmbienceAliensSmivs2015-03-17Download Aliens 1.2
Adds mysterious and unknown Alien ships to the Ooniverse.
ActivitiesTowbarNorby2015-03-15Download Towbar 0.98
Make money from derelict ships, earn high salvager rankings.
AmbienceGiant Space PizzaSmivs2015-03-08Download Giant Space Pizza 3.1
A light-hearted expansion which adds Giant Space Pizzas, Visitor Centres and Safety Stewards to selected systems. Visit them all to get a special award.
EquipmentGalDrivePodSmivs2015-03-07Download GalDrivePod 1.4
A pylon-mounted portable Galactic Hyperdrive unit. This OXP allows for Galactic Jumps into 'un-reachable' systems that would normally be inaccessible. This will only be possible when you have a GalDrivePod installed.
ShipsContractor MkIISmivs2015-03-07Download Contractor MkII 1.6
Adds a lethal bounty-hunter/hit-man ship. Player buyable and NPC
EquipmentQTHI Auxiliary Energy GeneratorsQCS2015-03-04Download QTHI Auxiliary Energy Generators 0.1.1
Quorium Tech Heavy Industries Auxiliary Energy Generators for generating energy out of witchspace fuel.
HUDsDocked HUDsWildeblood2015-03-03Download Docked HUDs 1.1
Sleek, minimalist HUD design when docked. If you use a HUD expansion pack, instead of the standard HUD, check the forum for compatibility notes.
RetexturesNoshader Z GrOovy extra shipsdertien, griff, amah2015-02-11Download Noshader Z GrOovy extra ships 1.0.2
This bundle adds following genuine Z Groovy ships by Dertien to the Ooniverse: the Viper Raider/Renegade and the Cobra AC (modelled after the BBC Micro Elite covership), to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
AmbienceDisplay reputationCommander McLane, Norby2015-01-29Download Display reputation 1.2
Your current reputations as a passenger ferrier, a parcel deliverer and a contract cargo carrier are displayed as a human readable string on your ship's manifest screen.
ShipsCarriersNorby2015-01-20Download Carriers 0.9
Build up your personal fleet and take with you on your Carrier. Requires EscortDeck OXP and Ship Storage Helper OXP.
WeaponsStation Self-Destruction CodesWildeblood2015-01-13Download Station Self-Destruction Codes 1.0
It's incredible, the things you can buy.
HUDsNumericHUDCommonSenseOTB, Norby, spara, Diziet Sma2015-01-10Download NumericHUD 3.27
Display ship data in numeric form.
ShipsAndromedaNorby2015-01-03Download Andromeda 1.5
The famous Andromeda spaceship is a strong mobile base with huge cargo capacity and 50ly fuel.
RetexturesNoshader Griff's alternate shipsamah2014-12-20Download Noshader Griff's alternate ships 1.1.1
This bundle adds alternates of the coreships like clean and scuffed Cobra Mk1 & Mk3, clean Mambas and Fer-de-Lances and a different Viper model. It is based on the original shader models and textures from Griff's coreships and was remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
RetexturesNoshader fullsize station texturesgriff, amah2014-12-07Download Noshader fullsize station textures 1.0.1
This bundle replaces the lower resolution textures of the Oolite Systemstations and optional expansions like Griff alternate stations and/or Z_GroOovy extra stations with high resolution ones.
MissionsVectorSvengali2014-12-06Download Vector 1.7.2
An unusual mission type - fast money, slavers, tricks and GalCop is watching you... Depends on Cabal Common Library and Snoopers, suggests BGS and OXPConfig.
RetexturesNoshader Griff's extra shipsgriff, amah2014-12-04Download Noshader Griff's extra ships 1.2.0
This bundle adds extra ships from other Elite versions (ArcElite,Amiga) like the Bug, Ophidian, Griffin Mk1, Hognose and Gnat. It is based on the original shader models and textures from Griff's coreships and was remade to go along nicely with the default shipset of Oolite v1.80+ and/or for e.g. Computer with lowend graphics hardware.
WeaponsEnergy Bombcim2014-11-30Download Energy Bomb 1.0.2
The original indiscriminate superweapon. Available as primable equipment from TL:8 systems and above. Previous versions of this expansion pack are not compatible with Oolite 1.79 or later.
MechanicsReduce Weapon DamageLone_Wolf2014-11-09Download Reduce Weapon Damage 0.10
Reduce damage of lasers to player & most npc-ships
MissionsThe CollectorNorby2014-11-02Download The Collector 0.4
Find the rich man who collect historical spaceships and do the jobs he offer. Choose wisely, your choices form the story.
EquipmentGalactic SatNavWyn Sleeman2014-10-30Download Galactic SatNav 0.0.2
A navigation aid for long journeys
ShipsSKS Plasma Mark ISirArian2014-10-25Download SKS Plasma Mark I 2.0
From Silver Knight Shipyards on Diqudi in chart 3 comes the Plasma Mark I, a small multi-roll craft designed primarily for a pilot who is trying to make a living in the business of passenger carrying, and who, to be able to get contracts, must take the ones through more dangerous systems than most pilots would be willing to. From it's speed of 0.4 LM to it's patented SpaceCamo(tm), it is a craft that, wherever you go, assassins would have a hard time spotting you.
AmbienceDisplay ReputationWildeblood & Commander McLane2014-10-24Download Display Reputation 1.3
Displays your current reputations as a passenger, parcel and contract cargo carrier under the heading 'Reputation' on your ship's manifest screen.
MechanicsGlare ClarifierWildeblood2014-10-23Download Glare Clarifier 1.0
Solar glare effect driving you to distraction? Don't start drinking, join the League of Glare H8ers.
HUDsData - Ship NameWildeblood2014-10-21Download Data - Ship Name 1.0
Do not download this. This is a component for use by HUD expansion packs, it is NOT a stand-alone expansion pack; it will be downloaded automatically by HUDs which need it.
EquipmentI-MissileCaptSolo2014-10-19Download I-Missile 1.15
Very fast, highly destructive, and ECM resistant. Simply the best missile on the market.
ShipsSuperSidewinderUK_Eliter2014-10-19Download SuperSidewinder 1.52
Adds an uber-version of the sidewinder. Player buyable.
ShipsCopperhead Mk IICaptSolo2014-10-18Download Copperhead Mk II 1.1
An alternate start-up choice for Jameson's. Trade down and have enough credits to add kit right away.
RetexturesSimonB's ShipsSimon Bridge & CaptSolo2014-10-18Download SimonB's Ships 1.0
Adds a collection of Simon Bridge's ships from his Neolite OXP's, updated graphically and tactically for Oolite 1.80+.
EquipmentUndocumented LaunchWildeblood2014-10-17Download Undocumented Launch 1.0
For a small application filing fee, station masters will allow you to perform an emergency launch without filing a cargo manifest.
ShipsCougar STCaptSolo2014-10-16Download Cougar ST 1.5
Adds the legendary ship found in some versions of 8 bit Elite.
DockablesTorus StationsCaptSolo2014-10-15Download Torus Stations 2.02
Adds the massive single and double Torus main stations to a very few high tech worlds.
AmbienceRandomshipnamesCommander McLane, Norby2014-10-13Download Randomshipnames 1.6
Adds interesting randomly generated names to normal ship classes.
RetexturesNoshader Griff's accessories replaceamah2014-10-12Download Noshader Griff's accessories replace 1.0
This bundle *replaces* the default asteroids and cargo pods with the noshadered one. (depends on Noshader Griff's accessories bundle)
ShipsAquaticsThargoid2014-10-11Download Aquatics 2.32
Various new ships, plus a system station with a mission
HUDsCrosshairs - Shield-tasticWildeblood2014-10-08Download Crosshairs - Shield-tastic 1.0
Adds two semi-circular indicators, showing the state of the shields, around the central cross-hairs. Compatible with most HUDs.
DockablesLave AcademyThargoid2014-10-07Download Lave Academy 1.34
Introduces the Lave Academy Orbital Station to the Lave and optionally other systems. Also features three mini-games that test basic flight skills.
EquipmentAuto CrosshairsWildeblood2014-10-06Download Auto Crosshairs 1.1.1
Once the equipment is purchased, the cross-hairs change shape to alert the pilot to the precise moment a target is centred. The equipment can be bought at space ports with a technological level of 11 or above, for 1750 credits.
HUDsCrosshairs - Laser-ificWildeblood2014-10-06Download Crosshairs - Laser-ific 1.3
Adds a circular dial showing the laser heat level around the central cross-hairs. Compatible with most HUDs.
ShipsCobra Mk III-XTCaptSolo2014-10-06Download Cobra Mk III-XT 1.4
This is the upgraded Cobra Mk III originally known as the Xeceesian Transformation (XT).
HUDsColuber HUD CH01Captain_Beatnik2014-09-21Download Coluber HUD CH01 1.0.1
The Coluber HUD CH01 is a fully featured HUD with individual scales for each gauge and additional control lights for important equipment
EquipmentBounty Informertimer2014-08-31Download Bounty Informer 1.0
This device gives you access to the bounty registry of police criminal database. This is alternative to Bounty scanner.
ActivitiesExplorers' ClubCapt. Murphy & Wildeblood2014-08-19Download Explorers' Club 1.4.4
Keeps a record of all the systems you visit and gives you an explorer rank. Lets you view your exploration achievements and provides a special Explorers' Club long-range navigation chart.
AmbienceShip's Catsuperbatprime, v4hn2014-08-16Download Ship's Cat 1.1.0
Adds 9 individual ship's cats for purchase.
ActivitiesDeep Space PiratesEric Walch2014-08-13Download Deep Space Pirates 1.5
Adds additional pirates outside the main trading lanes.
EquipmentCommanders LogThargoid2014-08-08Download Commanders Log 1.01
Adds a log of the last 100 major events in the current Commander's life, which can be dumped out to latest.log. The latest 10 are viewable in-game when docked.
EquipmentMarket Observerspara2014-08-06Download Market Observer 2.3.2
Enhances the market screen by showing ads and trading information. Trade information includes statistical price data and purchase log. This oxp also gives a trader's rating based on your buys and sells.
AmbienceLaser ColorsZireael2014-08-06Download Laser Colors 0.1.1
Changes laser color for all core player ships to orange. NPC laser remains red.
HUDsOrangED HUDZireael2014-08-06Download OrangED HUD 0.1.1
An orange-blue HUD inspired by a certain game.
AmbienceDistant RealmsWildeblood2014-08-04Download Distant Realms 0.3
On the long-range navigation charts, replaces the galactic chart numbers with the real names of the various galactic regions.
MechanicsYour Ad Here Fuel Stationspara2014-08-03Download Your Ad Here Fuel Station 1.0
Use ConStores as fuel stations. Be aware that this change makes the game considerably easier when allowing you to fuel right after hyperjump.
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: Alien WorldsRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Alien Worlds 1.1
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing 'enhanced' textures from System Demux
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: Ocean WorldsRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Ocean Worlds 1.1
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing 'enhanced' textures from System Demux
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: EarthlikeRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Earthlike 1.1
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing 'enhanced' textures from System Demux
AmbienceRealistic Stars SSCKnotty2014-07-30Download Realistic Stars SSC 1.1
Sensible Sun Compatable: To give OoLite a more realistic Ambience, this sets universal settings to match the colours we can see in the night sky.
EquipmentTarget System Upgradetimer2014-07-29Download Target System Upgrade 0.72
Target System Upgrade - upgrade to the ships Target System that allows to cycle targeting between outlaw or neutral ships and cargoes on your scanner. It is a more expensive and complicated alternative for the "Target System Memory Expansion".
EquipmentCargo ScannerOkti, timer2014-07-29Download Cargo Scanner 1.11
All cargo pods have an RFID chip that defines the content of cargo pods. All ships by Law must have a Cargo Reader which logs cargo pods in and out of the ship. This equipment is a long range RFID Scanner that uses a special scan to find out the content o
MechanicsBullet DriveWildeblood2014-07-29Download Bullet Drive 1.0.3
Bullet Drive makes game-play harder, not easier, but only very slightly. When at torus drive speeds manoeuvring is disabled and you travel in a straight line - like a bullet. Manoeuvring is not affected at fuel injection speed.
EquipmentPolice IFF ScannerCapt. Murphy2014-07-28Download Police IFF Scanner 1.3.1
An upgrade to the IFF Scanner System to show ships with offender or fugitive status in alternative scanner colours.
AmbienceDockside ServicesWildeblood2014-07-26Download Dockside Services 1.0
De-nerdifies the "Ship and Station Interfaces" screen. (And fixes a spelling mistake in the ship registration screen, too.)
AmbienceGalaxy NamesWildeblood2014-07-25Download Galaxy Names 1.0
On the long range navigation charts, replaces the galactic chart numbers with the real names of the various galactic regions.
AmbienceDistant SunsWildeblood2014-07-24Download Distant Suns 0.5.1
Distant Suns varies the appearance of every star individually. Cooler red stars have their habitable planets close by and are easy to skim for fuel. Super-luminous blue-white stars are far removed from their habitable zone.
HUDsCrosshairs - AlertingWildeblood2014-07-23Download Crosshairs - Alerting 1.0
Automatically varies the gun-sight cross-hairs according to the current danger level.
ShipsMvM Veloce e AppuntitaKnotty2014-07-23Download MvM Veloce e Appuntita 1.0
The ultimate Grand Tourer for exhilarating performace and unparalleled comfort. It's smooth lines hide the raw power of the most powerful sub light engines placed in a spaceframe, and it's tentacle crafted cabin ensures luxury wherever you go
AmbienceRealistic StarsKnotty2014-07-23Download Realistic Stars 1.1
To give OoLite a more realistic Ambience, this OXP sets various universal settings to match the colours we can see in the night sky. The numbers of stars has also been set to match what the average eye can see in this part of the galaxy
EquipmentVacuum PumpNeelix2014-07-21Download Vacuum Pump 0.3
Consolidates multiple small quantities of Gold, Platinum or Gem Stones into the minimum number of Tonne Containers that they will fit into. - This is a Beta version. (feedback welcome)
ShipsDTT War LanceParadox2014-07-19Download DTT War Lance 1.0
Considered the "Big Brother" of the D.T.T. Tomahawk, the D.T.T. War Lance not only handles much more cargo, it packs a punch with 4 weapon positions and 8 missile pylons. The War Lance was built to compete with the Boa Mk 2, and can be considered a respec
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR Others Gas Giants packRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-07-13Download Additional Planets SR Others Gas Giants pack 1.1
Adds gas giants when using Additional Planets SR base
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR Demux Volcanic PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-07-12Download Additional Planets SR Demux Volcanic Pack 1.2
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing planet textures modified from System Demux by DrBeeb
EquipmentBeer Coolermaik2014-07-11Download Beer Cooler 1.1.0
Keep your beer cool, even while sun skimming!
HUDsSmart HUD-WSSmivs2014-07-08Download Smart HUD-WS 1.0
The Smart HUD is a neatly laid out, fully featured widescreen HUD, with information grouped logically around the main scanner.
HUDsSmart HUDSmivs2014-07-08Download Smart HUD 1.0
The Smart HUD is a neatly laid out, fully featured HUD, with information grouped logically around the main scanner.
ShipsDTT KrakenParadox2014-07-07Download DTT Kraken 1.0
A good mid-range cargo carrier, with 140 TC capacity and 6 missile plylons.
HUDsCombatHUD-WSSmivs2014-07-06Download CombatHUD-WS 4.1
A fully-featured HUD with a neat, logical layout. At Red Alert vital information is presented around the crosshairs
HUDsCombatHUDSmivs2014-07-06Download CombatHUD 4.1
A fully-featured HUD with a neat, logical layout. At Red Alert vital information is presented around the crosshairs
EquipmentTelescope Extender+Gravity ScannerNorby2014-07-06Download Telescope Extender+Gravity Scanner 1.0
Extended targeting and scanning features, masslock borders, gravity scanner and sniper ring.
HUDsCompactHUDAegidean, Diziet Sma2014-07-06Download CompactHUD 1.3
Aegidean's CompactHUD, now with Waypoints, Primed Equipment, Joystick Precision Mode indicator, Fuel Scoop status, current ASC target, two MFDs, Non-linear Scanner and ultrazoom. Compatible with HUD Selector OXZ.
MechanicsCommodity Marketsspara2014-07-05Download Commodity Markets 1.2.3
Divides Market Observer oxp's market screen's price column to sell price and buy price. Buy price is always a little higher than sell price. This adds a little bit of difficulty and realism to the game.
AmbienceDelightful DockingSmivs2014-07-04Download Delightful Docking 1.1
Delightful Docking aligns your ship with the station while queueing so you can watch the activity around the station, and includes an orchestral version of the Blue Danube docking music.
ShipsGreen Gecko XLCody2014-07-03Download Green Gecko XL 1.0
The Green Knights of Lago pilot these fearsome ships, which are reputedly armed with double-barrelled military lasers. Recommended for experienced players only!
EquipmentEquipment Aidespara2014-07-02Download Equipment Aide 1.3
Buying equipment costs credits and time. Too bad you don't know how long the service is going to take. This oxp overlays the purchase screen with a list of equipment prices and estimated times to give you some clue of the time cost.
EquipmentPlanetary CompassThargoid2014-07-02Download Planetary Compass 1.02
Adds planets, suns and moons to the ASC, and gives names to them. Requires at least one name-pack to be installed.
AmbienceStar-jellySmivs2014-07-01Download Star-jelly 3.0
Adds strange but beautiful Star-Jelly creatures to the Ooniverse, normally in asteroid fields.
RetexturesBetter BuoysSmivs2014-06-29Download Better Buoys 1.3
Re-textures the (somewhat dull) default Navigation and Witchpoint buoys. There are separate designs for the Navigation and Witchpoint buoys.
AmbienceCommunications Pack Acim2014-06-29Download Communications Pack A 0.5
Adds lots of extra NPC communications to the game, increasing the variety of existing messages and also adding several new ones.
EquipmentCaptain Solo's Good FortuneCaptSolo2014-06-24Download Captain Solo's Good Fortune 1.05
Adds 'Captain Solo's Good Fortune' book to your ship's library, how he won big playing poker the foolhardy way.
AmbienceHyperradio CATACLYSM - ElectronicaDiziet Sma2014-06-24Download Hyperradio CATACLYSM - Electronica 1.0
This musicpack contains the Electronica album '+cataclysm+'. Depends on Hyperradio.
EquipmentCamera Dronescim2014-06-21Download Camera Drones 1.4
Drone cameras which provide a variety of alternative external views for your ship
AmbienceBetter ScreensSmivs2014-06-20Download Better Screens 1.2.1
Adds utilitarian backgrounds to the standard screens, for those who don't like black but don't want anything too fancy.
EquipmentGlare Filterspara2014-06-19Download Glare Filter 1.0
Paint your ship with electroactive polymer solution that filters sun glare. Three levels of filtering are possible by conducting electricity to the hull of the ship. When used, the coating gradually degrades and needs to be replaced.
EquipmentAuto-ECMSwiteck2014-06-19Download Auto-ECM 0.4
Automatic ECM System - Simple Auto-firing system for ECM.
ActivitiesCargo-Contract-ModSwiteck2014-06-19Download Cargo-Contract-Mod 1.5
Cargo Contracts are given better choices and often greater profits as a result. (See readme for more details.)
MiscellaneousShipset Compatibilitycim2014-06-06Download Shipset Compatibility 1.4
Makes older replacement shipsets compatible with Oolite 1.79 or later
EquipmentQ-ChargerCommonSenseOTB, Norby2014-05-23Download Q-Charger 1.25
Provides a boost in speed when at maximum throttle at the cost of some fuel and energy.
MiscellaneousCabal Common LibraryCmd.Cheyd, PhantorGorth, Svengali2014-05-19Download Cabal Common Library 1.7.1
Collection of snippets and helpers for OXPs.
AmbienceAdditional Planets Redux PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-05-17Download Additional Planets Redux Pack 1.1
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing planet and moon textures from System Redux by (Kaks, CaptKev and Pagroove)
AmbienceAdditional Planets Demux PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-05-17Download Additional Planets Demux Pack 1.1
Texture pack for Additional Planets SR containing gas giant textures from System Demux by DrBeeb.
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR BaseRedspear, spara2014-05-17Download Additional Planets SR Base 0.7
Add persistent extra planets (max 4) to the system and moons (max 3) around the main planet and occasionally around other planets. At least one texture pack is required. Can be configured via OXPConfig as System Redux.
DockablesPlanetfallThargoid2014-05-17Download Planetfall 1.51
Allows landing on planets and moons in the system at various locations.
ShipsDTT Snake CharmerParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Snake Charmer 1.1
Specs similar to a Cobra Mk III, but has 4 integral passenger berths built in. You should install this OR the Pinup version, but not both.
ShipsDTT Snake Charmer PinupParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Snake Charmer Pinup 1.1
Specs similar to a Cobra Mk III, but has 4 integral passenger berths built in, and the player version also has a sexy 'Snake Charmer' mural painted on the sides. You should install this OR the standard version, but not both.
ShipsHeavy Metal Freight HaulerParadox2014-05-17Download Heavy Metal Freight Hauler 1.0
Adds a semi-tractor/trailer like ship. Available in single and double trailer versions.
ShipsDTT WraithParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Wraith 1.0
The Wraith is an excellent bounty-hunter's ship.
ShipsDTT TomahawkParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Tomahawk 1.0
This stylish and modern-looking general-purpose ship has slightly higher specs than a Cobrak Mk-III.
ShipsDTT Space ZeppelinParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Space Zeppelin 1.0
Adds a Steampunk-esque Zeppelin style cargo ship.
ShipsDTT MK-1Paradox2014-05-17Download DTT MK-1 1.0
Adds a general purpose cargo ship, with overall specs similar to a Cobra Mk-III.
ShipsDTT MantaParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Manta 1.0
A stylish and elegant all-rounder, roughly on a par with a Cobra Mk-III.
ShipsDTT Galaxy LinerParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Galaxy Liner 1.0
Adds a player-flyable Luxury Cruise Liner.
ShipsDTT CyclopsParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Cyclops 1.0
Adds a large bulk-cargo hauler, along the lines of the Anaconda, but faster.
ShipsDTT AtlasParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Atlas 1.0
Adds a bulk-cargo hauler, similar in specs to the Anaconda, but with 4 integral Passenger Berths.
ShipsDTT Planet ExpressParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Planet Express 1.1
Adds the famous Planet Express delivery ship from the TV series Futurama.
ShipsDTT Heart of GoldParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Heart of Gold 1.0
Adds the famous 'Heart of Gold' spaceship from the BBC-TV series Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
ShipsNeoCaduceusClymAngus2014-05-10Download NeoCaduceus 1.00
The very expensive (and deadly) Caduceus
ShipsKirin SportClymAngus2014-05-10Download Kirin Sport 1.00
The civilian chopped sport version of the Kirin
ShipsKirinClymAngus2014-05-10Download Kirin 1.00
A heavy military hauler, CV & XM versions used by both pirates & traders
EquipmentETT Homing BeaconLone Wolf, Twisted2014-05-09Download ETT Homing Beacon 1.02
Marks a position in space by deploying a pylon-mounted beacon.
AmbienceYour Ad Here Witchpoint OverrideThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Witchpoint Override 1.00
Suppresses the witchpoint billboards in YAH
AmbienceYour Ad Here Constore RemoverThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Constore Remover 1.00
Suppresses the Con Stores in YAH, leaving only the billboards
AmbienceYour Ad Here MobileThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Mobile 1.00
A little add-on OXP for Your Ad Here OXP. It introduces mobile ship-towed advertising billboards to the route one space lane of appropriate systems.
MissionsIron RavenRamirez2014-05-07Download Iron Raven 1.4.2
A multi-stage mission to investigate a dangerous conspiracy on behalf of GalCop High Command in Galaxy 8. Depends on Armoured Transport Type 1, Commies and Nu Vipers.
ShipsNu VipersMurgh2014-05-07Download Nu Vipers 1.01
Increases the types of Viper patrol ships with GalCop Viper Mark II and GalCop Viper Cruiser.
ShipsArmoured Transport Type 1Arexack Heretic2014-05-06Download Armoured Transport Type 1 1.0
Adds Gaundlet's Armoured Transport Type 1 and Armoured Escort Viper that ferry valuables.
MissionsTrident DownRamirez2014-05-06Download Trident Down 2.5.2
Contains a series of Galaxy 4 missions investigating a vicious attack on a Trident Shuttle. Depends on Commies, Executive Spaceways and Saleza Aeronautics.
WeaponsMissiles and BombsRamirez2014-05-06Download Missiles and Bombs 2.5
Adds a wide variety of missiles & bombs that are are available to player & NPCs alike.
SystemsDictatorsRamirez2014-05-06Download Dictators 1.5
Adds a range of ships and stations to each dictatorship and offers new trading opportunities to players.
EquipmentFuel TankRamirez2014-05-06Download Fuel Tank 2.2
Mounts in place of a missile, to top up 3 light years of fuel.
AmbienceBGS Soundset by P.A. GrooveP.A.Groove2014-05-05Download BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove 2.3
An alternative soundset for BackGroundSet. Music composed by P.A. Groove (www.myspace.com/pagroovemusic). Depends on BackGroundSet 1.9.
AmbienceHyperradio AFC01 - Accoustic, FolkSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio AFC01 - Accoustic, Folk 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 Accoustic, Folk and Country songs. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio HH01 - Hardrock and MetalSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio HH01 - Hardrock and Metal 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 Hardrock and Metal songs. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio JFRG01 - Jazz, Funk, RnBSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio JFRG01 - Jazz, Funk, RnB 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 Jazz, Funk, RnB and Groove songs. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio PSY01 - PsychedelicSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio PSY01 - Psychedelic 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 Ambient Psychedelic songs. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio ST01 - AmbientSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio ST01 - Ambient 1.0
This musicpack contains the full album: Lifes path by mindthings - Ambient. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio ST02 - AmbientSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio ST02 - Ambient 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 songs by PeerGynt Lobogris - Ambient. Depends on Hyperradio.
AmbienceHyperradio TN01 - TechnofunkSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio TN01 - Technofunk 1.0
This musicpack contains 5 Technopop, Technofunk songs. Depends on Hyperradio.
MissionsStealthThargoid2014-05-05Download Stealth 1.05
A small mission set in Galaxy 3 to showcase the new scanner features and the possibility for stealth ships.
ActivitiesRing RacerThargoid2014-05-05Download Ring Racer 1.21
Corporate Systems Ring Racer league in Galaxy 1.
EquipmentRetro RocketsThargoid2014-05-05Download Retro Rockets 1.00
A handy little piece of equipment which gives your ship a backwards boost out of trouble.
MissionsPlanetfall Mission - OoHaulThargoid2014-05-05Download Planetfall Mission - OoHaul 1.11
Add-On to Planetfall to give OoHaul locations and escort mission.
EquipmentMilitary Fuel InjectorsThargoid2014-05-05Download Military Fuel Injectors 1.03
Military upgrade to the ships fuel injectors, giving a recapture system for unburnt fuel.
EquipmentLaser BoosterThargoid2014-05-05Download Laser Booster 1.02
A primeable turbo-charger for your lasers to overcharge them from your energy banks and make them more damaging. But adds a chance of them breaking on use.
EquipmentAPRIL Pylon LoaderThargoid2014-05-05Download APRIL Pylon Loader 1.03
An in-flight pylon reloading system, the Automated Pylon Re-arm In-flight Loader.
EquipmentEnergy EquipmentThargoid2014-05-05Download Energy Equipment 1.11
Two new pieces of equipment, the emergency charge device (ECD) and the emergency energy unit (EEU). Both are single-use devices, the ECD a pylon-based player triggered device that adds a top-up to the ships energy banks, and the EEU a system-fitted versio
MechanicsTraffic ControlThargoid2014-05-05Download Traffic Control 1.11
Adds traffic control personnel to each system main station.
ShipsSwarmThargoid2014-05-05Download Swarm 1.03
A new variant on the Thargoid mothership and Thargons, introducing a swarming mentality. Somewhat more of a challenge than the vanilla versions.
MissionsStellar SerpentsThargoid2014-05-05Download Stellar Serpents 1.21
A little ongoing mission/flavour OXP on the theme of space monsters.
MechanicsRealistic DamageThargoid2014-05-05Download Realistic Damage 1.00
A scripted tweak which causes randomly some equipment to be totally destroyed when it gets damaged.
MechanicsPodsThargoid2014-05-05Download Pods 1.35
New cargo pods and pod features.
EquipmentCargo ShepherdThargoid2014-05-05Download Cargo Shepherd 1.01
A handy little piece of pylon-mounted equipment that when launched attracts most free-floating cargo pods to it and holds them until you can scoop them. Useful for when your hold is too full to take everything in one go, as it also includes a beacon to re
EquipmentHyperradioSvengali2014-05-04Download Hyperradio 1.26.1
Your personal tool for playing music in the game. Depends on Cabal Common Library and Snoopers, suggests Musicpacks.
AmbienceSnoopersDaddyHoggy, Disembodied, Drew, Svengali2014-05-04Download Snoopers 2.5
Adds the galactic news network channels. Depends on Cabal Common Library 1.7.
EquipmentWelcome MatThargoid2014-05-04Download Welcome Mat 1.13
Information equipment to give system summary information on arrival.
EquipmentTracker CamThargoid2014-05-04Download Tracker Cam 1.02
A deployable camera which links to your ships external view monitor and trackers the ships movements.
EquipmentTrackerThargoid2014-05-04Download Tracker 1.02
An advanced space compass add-on which allows the system-wide tracking of up to five entities.
MissionsTo Catch a ThargoidThargoid2014-05-04Download To Catch a Thargoid 1.11
Mission set in Galaxy 3 for Dangerous or above rank Commanders. Follow-up to Thargoid Plans.
EquipmentTarget Autolock PlusThargoid2014-05-04Download Target Autolock Plus 1.12
A software update for the standard scanner targeting enhancement equipment that automatically locks onto attacking ships if you have no prior target selected.
EquipmentCargo SpotterThargoid2014-05-04Download Cargo Spotter 1.01
A primable piece of equipment which highlights scoopable items in a virtual glow on your visual display.
ShipsSecond WaveThargoid2014-05-04Download Second Wave 1.34
A variety of new types of Thargoid Warships and Robot Fighters to add some variation and interest to the game.
EquipmentRepair BotsThargoid2014-05-04Download Repair Bots 2.10
Pylon-stored and triggered nanobots, can repair damaged ships systems. Also now available a new repair system, which gives full damage control for any ship not already featuring it.
MechanicsOoCheatThargoid2014-05-04Download OoCheat 1.11
A little OXP that adds a cheat menu to the game.
EquipmentNeo-DocklightsThargoid2014-05-04Download Neo-Docklights 1.00
Adds a row of lights to the system main station to aid approach and docking. These change colour depending whether the approach is clear or not.
EquipmentIronHideThargoid2014-05-04Download IronHide 2.00
Enhanced armour for the ships hull to better protect against combat damage and general bumps and knocks.
EquipmentHyperCargoThargoid2014-05-04Download HyperCargo 1.10
Extended cargo handling system.
WeaponsHired GunsThargoid2014-05-04Download Hired Guns 1.26
A chance to agree a contract for two escort ships to accompany you on your next journey.
ActivitiesGatesThargoid2014-05-04Download Gates 1.13
Adds a pair of jump gates to suitable tech/govt systems, enabling quick and safe transfer by-passing route one. All for only 250Cr per journey.
ActivitiesFuel StationThargoid2014-05-04Download Fuel Station 1.36
For the Commander on the go, fly-thru witchpoint and route 1 fuel stations and fuel satellites.
WeaponsArmouryThargoid2014-05-04Download Armoury 1.13
A meta-OXP featuring Anti-Missile System, Captured Thargons,Drones,Missile Rack and Probe OXPs plus some new mines, missiles, bombs and the Missile Machine.
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack DThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack D 1.00
Planetary Compass Name Pack D
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack CThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack C 1.00
Planetary Compass Name Pack C
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack BThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack B 1.00
Planetary Compass Name Pack B
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack AThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack A 1.00
Planetary Compass Name Pack A
EquipmentMisjump AnalyserEric Walch2014-05-04Download Misjump Analyser 1.1
The blueprint for this scanner was retrieved from a captured thargoid ship after a minor battle in the Najort nebula.
ShipsThargorn ThreatArexack Heretic2014-05-03Download Thargorn Threat 1.5.2
Adds 3 powerfull thargoid ships to the game. A Terrorizer Frigate, the Thargorn Battleship and the Thorgorn Cruiser
MissionsThargoid WarsCmdr. Wombat2014-05-03Download Thargoid Wars 4.6
Adds several thargoid related missions to galaxy 2 and higher.
EquipmentMissile AnalyserEric Walch2014-05-03Download Missile Analyser 1.2
Recognises missile types on launch.
MissionsIonicsGalileo2014-05-03Download Ionics 1.3.1
Ionics aims to enhance the northeast corner of Galaxy 2 with a number of interlocking missions revolving around a rich storyline.
MissionsDeposedCmdr. Wombat2014-05-03Download Deposed 1.4
This is a series of missions starting in galaxy 4. Needs 1700 kills to start.
MissionsMilitary FiascoMurgh2014-05-03Download Military Fiasco 2.5.3
Equips the Galactic Navy with the powerful Leviathan Cruiser, supported by the Military Wolf Mark II, the Basilisk, the Hydra and the Rattle Cutter. Also adds a mission that can start in any galaxy.
MissionsTaranisRobert Todd2014-05-03Download Taranis 1.3
Adds the Taranis mission to the Lerelace system (28 light years from Lave)
MissionsLove CatsJohn Smith2014-05-03Download Love Cats 1.3.1
A tale of love and betrayal amongst the vicious furry feline races of galaxy four.
AmbiencePirate CoveLazy Gun & Eric Walch2014-05-03Download Pirate Cove 1.4.2
Adds pirate bases to te system that are situated in rock hermits.
AmbienceCargo Wrecks TeaserArexack Heretic2014-05-01Download Cargo Wrecks Teaser 1.7.2
Adds diffent models of cargopods to the universe
ShipsVortexThargoid2014-04-30Download Vortex 1.30
Two new player ships - a brawling blockade runner and a military spec cargo hauler. Rare and expensive, but both are kitted out with a lot of powerful and unique features and abilities.
AmbienceAsteroid StormLittle Bear & Eric Walch2014-04-30Download Asteroid Storm 4.3
Adds new asteroids to the game and a little mission.
MechanicsBigshipsThargoid and Eric Walch2014-04-30Download Bigships 1.02
Additional populator for adding big ships to systems
AmbienceFamous PlanetsPagroove2014-04-28Download Famous Planets 2.7
Adds new descriptions for many planets in galaxy 1 and 2.
MissionsTaxi GalacticaPleb2014-04-28Download Taxi Galactica 1.0
Taxi stations in corporate systems offers exotic passenger contracts.
AmbienceCustomShieldsCommonSenseOTB2014-04-27Download CustomShields 0.83
Shield flasher and damage effects, forward/aft shield simulation for the NPCs.
EquipmentShieldEqualizer+CapacitorsCommonSenseOTB2014-04-27Download ShieldEqualizer+Capacitors 1.3
Equalizer is balancing the energy in the forward and aft shields. Capacitors are charging when the shield is full and recharge shields automatically if needed.
EquipmentQ-Bomb DetectorDiziet Sma2014-04-26Download Q-Bomb Detector 1.4
Detects the launch of a Quirium Cascade Mine and sounds a siren to alert the pilot.
ActivitiesCombat Simulatorcim2014-04-25Download Combat Simulator 1.1
Adds a combat simulator to the interfaces screen of some high-tech stations where you can set up controlled battles against particular opponents. Requires Ship Storage Helper.
AmbienceSystem Features: Ringscim2014-04-25Download System Features: Rings 1.2
Adds ring systems to occasional planets. Requires a shader-capable graphics card to view.
AmbienceSystem Features: Sunspotscim2014-04-25Download System Features: Sunspots 1.5
Adds occasional sunspots to stars. Requires a shader-capable graphics card.
MissionsCurse of the Black Sunspotcim2014-04-16Download Curse of the Black Sunspot 1.0.2
An informal mission for experienced players set in Chart 3
MechanicsNew Cargoescim2014-04-15Download New Cargoes 1.2.3
New Cargoes adds over 100 new specialist trade goods to the 8 galaxies through the interfaces screen. In addition, a variety of new trading opportunities are available.
MechanicsEscort Formationscim2014-04-12Download Escort Formations 1.1
Vary the flight formations used by escort pilots to give some alternatives to the usual 'v' shape.
MechanicsSkilled NPCscim2014-04-12Download Skilled NPCs 1.2
Enables higher-quality flight AI for routine NPCs. Can be configured with OXPConfig for even more challenge.
EquipmentShip's Librarycim2014-03-23Download Ship's Library 0.8
An e-reader for your ship which can read various books while docked - or with a purchasable upgrade, also while in flight. It comes with a ship's manual as an initial book, with other books available as separate expansion packs.
EquipmentExtracts from the Tre Clancim2014-03-23Download Extracts from the Tre Clan 1.2
Adds the 'Extracts from the Tre Clan Addresses on Interplanetary Life' book to your ship's library, containing selected lectures from an experienced trader.