Oolite Expansion Packs

There are over five hundred expansion packs released for Oolite. There are two expansion pack formats in use in Oolite 1.80 (or higher), usually referred to as OXZ and OXP. The OXZ format is more modern and can be downloaded and installed automatically by the game by selecting the "Manage Expansion Packs" option on the start screen. The OXP format is older and must be installed manually. As the OXZ format is currently new, many expansion packs are still only available in the older OXP format.

The table below lists the OXZ expansion packs which can be automatically downloaded by Oolite 1.80 (or higher), as well as links for manual downloads if you prefer to do that. If you are still using Oolite 1.77.1 or an earlier version, OXZ format expansion packs will not be usable - you will be able to download OXP format expansions from other sites.

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EquipmentCargo SpotterThargoid2020-10-19Download Cargo Spotter 1.1
A primable piece of equipment which highlights scoopable items in a virtual glow on your visual display.
ShipsCylon Raider Mark 1 FixMontana052020-10-16Download Cylon Raider Mark 1 Fix 1.10
Update of Cylon Raider Mark 1: Fixes problems and adjusts to later Oolite versions
HUDsColuber HUD CH01Captain Beatnik, Norby2020-10-15Download Coluber HUD CH01 1.2.3
The Coluber HUD CH01 is a fully featured HUD with individual scales for each gauge and additional control lights for important equipment.
AmbienceWanted PostersBlackWolf, spara2020-10-15Download Wanted Posters 1.0.1
An add-on for Station Ads, MarketObserver and YAH adding Wanted Posters of infamous villains to the mix.
ShipsConstitution Class Heavy Cruiser FixMontana052020-10-13Download Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser Fix 0.50
Update of Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser: Fixes problems and adjusts to later Oolite versions
EquipmentMarket Inquirerspara2020-10-12Download Market Inquirer 1.14.1
AmbienceMarket Adsspara2020-10-12Download Market Ads 1.0
EquipmentMarket Observerspara2020-10-12Download Market Observer 3.7
DockablesSystem Independent Repair Facilitymilinks, tinker2020-10-11Download System Independent Repair Facility 2.4
DockablesSuperhub for Extra PlanetsNorby2020-10-06Download Superhub for Extra Planets 1.2
EquipmentRepair BotsThargoid2020-10-04Download Repair Bots 2.13
ActivitiesTowbarNorby2020-10-04Download Towbar 0.109
MechanicsRock Hermit Beaconsdybal2020-09-30Download Rock Hermit Beacons 1.3
EquipmentShield Cycler NextLone_Wolf2020-09-26Download Shield Cycler Next 2.0
DockablesWildshipsThargoid2020-09-24Download Wildships 1.11.4
ShipsSerpent Class Cruiser Fixdybal2020-09-18Download Serpent Class Cruiser Fix 1.0
ShipsGalTech Escort Fighter Fixdybal2020-09-18Download GalTech Escort Fighter Fix 1.0
ShipsFireball Fixdybal2020-09-18Download Fireball Fix 1.0
ShipsChimera Gunship FixDybal2020-09-18Download Chimera Gunship Fix 1.0
ShipsArachnid Mark 1 FixDybal2020-09-18Download Arachnid Mark 1 Fix 1.0
AmbienceLeesti is Moon LSM 8kstranger2020-09-17Download Leesti is Moon LSM 8k 0.2.1
ActivitiesDeep Space PiratesEric Walch2020-09-16Download Deep Space Pirates 1.8
MissionsAssassins GuildLittleBear2020-09-15Download Assassins Guild 1.3.3
EquipmentBarrel RollDybal2020-09-14Download Barrel Roll 1.0
AmbienceLeesti is Moon 8kstranger2020-09-14Download Leesti is Moon 8k 0.2.0
EquipmentShield Equalizer and CapacitorsCommonSenseOTB2020-09-11Download Shield Equalizer and Capacitors 1.6
AmbienceDiso is Jupiter 8kanother_commander2020-09-11Download Diso is Jupiter 8k 1.0
ShipsMedical AnacondaRanthe2020-09-10Download Medical Anaconda 1.0
ShipsArachnid Mark 1Shipbuilder2020-09-10Download Arachnid Mark 1 1.01
ShipsFireballShipbuilder2020-09-10Download Fireball 1.01
ActivitiesSpace CrowdsAstrobe2020-09-06Download Space Crowds 1.2.0
MissionsGalCop Missionsphkb2020-09-01Download GalCop Missions 0.6.1
ShipsCylon Raider Mark 1Shipbuilder2020-08-27Download Cylon Raider Mark 1 1.01
ShipsSerpent Class CruiserShipbuilder2020-08-25Download Serpent Class Cruiser 1.03
ShipsConstitution Class Heavy CruiserShipbuilder2020-08-25Download Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser 1.0
ShipsChimera GunshipShipbuilder2020-08-25Download Chimera Gunship 1.0
ShipsGalTech Escort FighterShipbuilder2020-08-25Download GalTech Escort Fighter 1.0
EquipmentEscape Pod LocatorThargoid2020-08-24Download Escape Pod Locator 1.4.1
ShipsGalTech Escape PodsShipbuilder2020-08-24Download GalTech Escape Pods 1.10
MechanicstowbarPayout-MediumDybal2020-08-19Download towbarPayout-Medium 1.0
EquipmentILS Instrument Landing SystemNorby2020-08-12Download ILS Instrument Landing System 1.13
AmbienceTionisla is Mars 8kanother_commander2020-08-10Download Tionisla is Mars 8k 1.0
EquipmentTrackerThargoid2020-08-10Download Tracker 1.04
AmbienceLave is Earth 8kanother_commander2020-08-10Download Lave is Earth 8k 1.2
AmbienceRandom Station NamesLittleBear2020-08-05Download Random Station Names 0.0.2
SystemsAnarchiesCommander McLane, Killer Wolf, Arexack Heretic, Eric Walch, spara, Norby, phkb and Griff2020-07-31Download Anarchies 2.9.4
EquipmentNaval Grid NextLone_Wolf2020-07-30Download Naval Grid Next 1.13
RetexturesOolite v1.88 Base Shipset Normal and Specular/Gloss Mapsanother_commander, Griff2020-07-28Download Oolite v1.88 Base Shipset Normal and Specular/Gloss Maps 1.1
MechanicsTraffic ControlThargoid, Milo2020-07-28Download Traffic Control 2.00
MechanicsPodsThargoid, Milo2020-07-28Download Pods 1.48
EquipmentMining IFF Scanner UpgradeNewtSoup, Milo2020-07-28Download Mining IFF Scanner Upgrade 1.1.3
WeaponsArmouryThargoid, Milo2020-07-28Download Armoury 1.21
EquipmentIronHideThargoid, Milo2020-07-28Download IronHide 3.06
MechanicsBounty Systemphkb2020-07-26Download Bounty System 0.11
HUDsMFD - Broadcast Commsphkb, Zireael2020-07-22Download MFD - Broadcast Comms 1.2.11
EquipmentFuel Injection Cruise Controlphkb2020-07-22Download Fuel Injection Cruise Control 0.7
MechanicsEquipment Storagephkb2020-07-22Download Equipment Storage 1.5
MiscellaneousBulletin Board Systemphkb2020-07-22Download Bulletin Board System 2.1
EquipmentEmail Systemphkb2020-07-22Download Email System 1.7.8
ShipsExtra ThargoidsUK_Eliter2020-07-22Download Extra Thargoids 6.66
AmbiencePlanetary Systemsstranger2020-07-06Download Planetary Systems 1.7.0
AmbienceSun Gearstranger2020-07-06Download Sun Gear 4.4.0
AmbienceHabitable Main Planetsstranger2020-07-02Download Habitable Main Planets 1.4.0
MechanicsStation Dock Controlphkb2020-06-30Download Station Dock Control 1.1.24
AmbienceHome Systemphkb2020-06-30Download Home System 0.12
MechanicsShip Configurationphkb2020-06-29Download Ship Configuration 1.3.8
MiscellaneousSystem Data Configphkb2020-06-29Download System Data Config 0.9
EquipmentTrophy Collectorspara2020-06-27Download Trophy Collector 2.3.1
EquipmentLaser Mount Switching Systemphkb2020-06-24Download Laser Mount Switching System 2.5
MechanicsHyperspace HangarRamen2020-06-23Download Hyperspace Hangar 1.16.0
MechanicsShipVersionNorby2020-06-23Download ShipVersion 1.24
MissionsGalCop's Most Wantedphkb2020-06-23Download GalCop's Most Wanted 0.15
MechanicsIllegal Goods TweakCapt Murphy2020-06-23Download Illegal Goods Tweak 2.2.6
SystemsDictatorsRamirez, gsagostinho, phkb, Griff2020-06-23Download Dictators 2.5
DockablesOrbital Stationsstranger2020-06-18Download Orbital Stations 2.7.0
MiscellaneousCabal Common LibraryCmd.Cheyd, PhantorGorth, Svengali2020-06-17Download Cabal Common Library 1.7.2
MissionsIron RavenRamirez2020-06-16Download Iron Raven
MiscellaneousShip Storage HelperCapt. Murphy, Norby, phkb2020-05-24Download Ship Storage Helper 0.37
MechanicsHard Waystranger2020-05-20Download Hard Way 2.7.0
HUDsMFD - Damage Reportphkb2020-05-05Download MFD - Damage Report 2.4
EquipmentLaser Arrangementphkb2020-05-05Download Laser Arrangement 1.3
AmbienceFont: Dosisedgepixel2020-05-05Download Font: Dosis 1.1
EquipmentLaser CoolerNorby2020-05-05Download Laser Cooler 1.2
ShipsVortexThargoid2020-04-13Download Vortex 1.32
EquipmentTarget System Plugins 0.81Nicksta2020-04-06Download Target System Plugins 0.81 0.81
EquipmentMissile Combat ReimaginedRedspear2020-03-25Download Missile Combat Reimagined 0.6
EquipmentWeapon LawsRedspear2020-03-24Download Weapon Laws 1.3
WeaponsLaser Combat ReimaginedRedspear2020-03-24Download Laser Combat Reimagined 0.4
MechanicsEscape Pod As StandardRedspear2020-03-20Download Escape Pod As Standard 1.0
EquipmentHyperCargoThargoid2020-03-09Download HyperCargo 1.11
MechanicsFuel Tweaksphkb, Thargoid, gsagostinho2020-02-24Download Fuel Tweaks 1.14.4
ShipsTEC Apep Mk IItsoj2020-02-23Download TEC Apep Mk II 1.0
ShipsSecretarybirdtsoj2020-02-23Download Secretarybird 1.0
ShipsChrysopelea MK-Itsoj2020-02-23Download Chrysopelea MK-I 1.0
EquipmentCargo ScannerOkti, timer2020-02-09Download Cargo Scanner 1.12
RetexturesDeep Horizon Nav BuoyCmd. Cheyd2019-12-13Download Deep Horizon Nav Buoy 1.0.3
MechanicsBlOomberg MarketsRamirez, Svengali2019-09-25Download BlOomberg Markets 2.7
MechanicsDisplay Current Coursephkb2019-08-12Download Display Current Course 1.9
DockablesLiners Marketsphkb2019-08-12Download Liners Markets 1.4
HUDsXenon HUDphkb2019-08-07Download Xenon HUD 3.7
MechanicsSmugglers - The Galactic Underworldphkb2019-07-30Download Smugglers - The Galactic Underworld 1.5.7
MiscellaneousShip Comparisonphkb2019-07-15Download Ship Comparison 2.3
MechanicsManual Witchspace Alignmentphkb2019-07-15Download Manual Witchspace Alignment 2.5
AmbienceSolar Flaresphkb2019-07-15Download Solar Flares 1.1
AmbienceGalCop Galactic Registryphkb2019-07-15Download GalCop Galactic Registry 4.3
SystemsCommiesAmaranth, Dr. Nil, Eric Walch, Norby, phkb2019-06-24Download Commies 2.17
MiscellaneousAuto-prime equipmentphkb2019-06-23Download Auto-prime equipment 1.2
MiscellaneousCompressed F7 Layoutphkb2019-06-23Download Compressed F7 Layout 1.2
MissionsTionisla ReporterEric Walch, phkb2019-06-21Download Tionisla Reporter 1.3.9
MissionsEnhanced Passenger Contractsphkb2019-06-15Download Enhanced Passenger Contracts 0.2
Retexturesgsagostinho's Texture Pack: Fer-de-Lancegsagostinho2019-06-14Download gsagostinho's Texture Pack: Fer-de-Lance 1.5
Retexturesgsagostinho's Texture Pack: Asp Mk IIgsagostinho2019-06-14Download gsagostinho's Texture Pack: Asp Mk II 1.4
HUDsMFD - MFD Fast Configurationphkb2019-06-12Download MFD - MFD Fast Configuration 2.2
MiscellaneousContracts On BBphkb2019-06-10Download Contracts On BB 1.7
WeaponsHired GunsThargoid2019-06-10Download Hired Guns 2.02
AmbienceXenon UIphkb2019-05-24Download Xenon UI 3.2
AmbienceXenon Redux UIphkb2019-05-24Download Xenon Redux UI 3.2
ShipsAssassin Shipset PackRustem2019-05-17Download Assassin Shipset Pack 0.2.2
MechanicsEscape Pod Tweaksphkb2019-05-09Download Escape Pod Tweaks 0.8
EquipmentWaypoint HereNeelix, phkb2019-05-03Download Waypoint Here 0.8
MechanicsInterstellar TweaksUK_Eliter2019-04-28Download Interstellar Tweaks 6.67
ShipsAce56's Night AdderAce562019-04-13Download Ace56's Night Adder 0.9.8
AmbienceDeath Commsphkb2019-04-13Download Death Comms 1.7
AmbienceTionisla Orbital Graveyard - ShipwrecksGriff, phkb2019-04-13Download Tionisla Orbital Graveyard - Shipwrecks 1.1
AmbienceTionisla Orbital GraveyardSelezen, Rxke, Arexack_Heretic, Eric Walch, Captain Kev, Svengali, Disembodied, Griff, gsagostinho, phkb2019-04-13Download Tionisla Orbital Graveyard 2.4
AmbienceDiplomacyDay2019-04-10Download Diplomacy 0.16
MechanicsMasslock CompensatorRedspear2019-03-20Download Masslock Compensator 1.4
HUDsPrimeable Equipment MFDNicksta2019-03-14Download Primeable Equipment MFD 1.0
MechanicsPower To EnginesRedspear2019-03-13Download Power To Engines 1.2
MechanicsStart Choicesspara2019-03-02Download Start Choices 1.8.2
AmbienceDark Rayvasig & stranger2019-03-02Download Dark Ray 0.1.2
MechanicsEnergy Rebalance SCCstranger & phkb2019-02-28Download Energy Rebalance SCC 0.2.0
MechanicsEnergy Rebalancestranger2019-02-28Download Energy Rebalance 0.3.0
HUDsSW HUD DAIstranger2019-02-23Download SW HUD DAI 1.0.2
HUDsSW HUD CAIstranger2019-02-23Download SW HUD CAI 1.0.1
MechanicsHard Ejectstranger2019-02-12Download Hard Eject 0.4.1
AmbienceMoonsstranger2019-02-09Download Moons 1.1.1
AmbienceMoons Texture Packstranger2019-02-09Download Moons Texture Pack 1.1.0
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Dstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack D 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Hstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack H 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Gstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack G 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Fstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack F 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Estranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack E 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Cstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack C 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Bstranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack B 1.5.3
AmbiencePlanetary Systems Texture Pack Astranger2019-02-09Download Planetary Systems Texture Pack A 1.5.3
EquipmentStar System Lane Indicatorwesfire2019-02-03Download Star System Lane Indicator 0.52
ActivitiesIn-System Cargo Deliverystranger2019-01-30Download In-System Cargo Delivery 0.6.0
MechanicsHere be Dragonsstranger2019-01-29Download Here be Dragons 1.0.2
MechanicsTraffic Lightsstranger2019-01-29Download Traffic Lights 1.1.1
EquipmentInternal Fuel Tankstranger2019-01-29Download Internal Fuel Tank 0.1.3
MechanicsMineral Store Resetstranger2019-01-28Download Mineral Store Reset 0.4.2
MechanicsStart Choices Addendastranger2019-01-28Download Start Choices Addenda 0.6.1
ShipsKing CobraKillerWolf2019-01-28Download King Cobra 1.2.1
MechanicsTraffic RedistributerRedspear2018-12-31Download Traffic Redistributer 2.0
MechanicsStar FuelRedspear2018-12-29Download Star Fuel 1.0
ShipsMilitary Shields ShipsRustem2018-12-24Download Military Shields Ships 0.2.0
ShipsSonoranRobin2018-12-10Download Sonoran 1.0
ShipsImperial CourierSelezen2018-12-10Download Imperial Courier 2.2.0
HUDsDangerous HUD (White Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (White Variant) 2.0.2
HUDsDangerous HUD (Purple Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (Purple Variant) 2.0.2
HUDsDangerous HUD (Pink Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (Pink Variant) 2.0.2
HUDsDangerous HUD (Orange Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (Orange Variant) 2.0.2
HUDsDangerous HUD (Green Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (Green Variant) 2.0.2
HUDsDangerous HUD (Blue Variant)gsagostinho2018-12-08Download Dangerous HUD (Blue Variant) 2.0.2
ShipsFarstarMurdererSvengali2018-12-04Download FarstarMurderer 1.2
AmbienceGNNSvengali2018-11-21Download GNN 1.2
AmbienceBGSSvengali2018-11-20Download BGS 2.5.1
MiscellaneousLibrarySvengali2018-11-19Download Library 1.7.1
DockablesStations for Extra Planets - Stationsspara2018-11-05Download Stations for Extra Planets - Stations 2.0.1
DockablesStations for Extra Planets - Basespara and collaborators2018-11-05Download Stations for Extra Planets - Base 2.0.1
MissionsRandom HitsEric Walch, Little Bear, spara and contributors2018-10-28Download Random Hits 1.11.5
AmbienceSystem Features: Ringscim, gsagostinho2018-10-16Download System Features: Rings 2.10.3
ShipsAce56's Night Adder for Escort Deckphkb2018-10-12Download Ace56's Night Adder for Escort Deck 1.0
ShipsAce56's HornetAce562018-10-12Download Ace56's Hornet 0.9.4
ShipsAce56's CruzerAce562018-10-08Download Ace56's Cruzer 0.9.8
MechanicsShip Repurchasephkb2018-10-07Download Ship Repurchase 0.5
Miscellaneous'No Market' Notificationphkb2018-10-06Download 'No Market' Notification 1.1
AmbienceShip Resprayphkb2018-10-05Download Ship Respray 1.3.7
RetexturesZ-GrOovY Variety PackDertien, Griff, Amah2018-09-28Download Z-GrOovY Variety Pack 2.0
RetexturesGriff Boa_MkIIGriff2018-09-07Download Griff Boa_MkII 1.04.5
Shipsgsagostinho's Cobra Mk. IVgsagostinho2018-08-22Download gsagostinho's Cobra Mk. IV 1.5
MechanicsTorus To Sun DriveNorby2018-08-19Download Torus To Sun Drive 1.7
WeaponsMissiles and BombsRamirez2018-08-19Download Missiles and Bombs 2.7
ShipsGriff Prototype BoaGriff2018-08-03Download Griff Prototype Boa 1.2.1
MiscellaneousLogEventsNorby2018-07-27Download LogEvents 1.4
MechanicsReverse control with inertiaNorby, cag2018-07-19Download Reverse control with inertia 1.8
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack A (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack A (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack B (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack B (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack C (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack C (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack D (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack D (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack E (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack E (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack F (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack F (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack G (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack G (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack H (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack H (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack I (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack I (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack J (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack J (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack K (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack K (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack L (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack L (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack M (16:9)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack M (16:9) 2.0
AmbienceXenon UI Resources Pack N (16:10)phkb2018-07-12Download Xenon UI Resources Pack N (16:10) 2.0
AmbienceXenon Redux UI Resourcesphkb2018-07-12Download Xenon Redux UI Resources 2.0
AmbienceDocking FeesLayne, Eris2018-07-01Download Docking Fees 1.6.2
EquipmentDeep Horizon Advanced Navigation ComputerCmd. Cheyd, PhantorGorth2018-06-27Download Deep Horizon Advanced Navigation Computer 1.0.4
ShipsYellOo CabsSmivs2018-05-14Download YellOo Cabs 2.7
ActivitiesLife In The Frontier - RevivalBeeTLe BeTHLeHeM2018-05-01Download Life In The Frontier - Revival 0.10.0
ShipsLinerscbr, Smivs, P.A.Groove, Griff and Thargoid2018-04-13Download Liners 1.7.0
MissionsScourge of the Black BaronRxke2018-04-12Download Scourge of the Black Baron 2.0
MissionsLong Way Roundaegidian2018-04-11Download Long Way Round 2.0
MechanicsWormhole RestorationCommander McLane2018-04-11Download Wormhole Restoration 1.2
ActivitiesInterstellar HelpCommander McLane2018-04-11Download Interstellar Help 2.2
DockablesZ-GrOovY Small System Stationsdertien, Griff2018-04-11Download Z-GrOovY Small System Stations 1.5
EquipmentExtra Fuel TanksSmivs2018-03-26Download Extra Fuel Tanks 1.8
MiscellaneousEquipment Remove Item Colorphkb2018-03-22Download Equipment Remove Item Color 1.3
ShipsExecutive SpaceWaysRamirez2018-03-21Download Executive SpaceWays 2.4.4
ShipsSaleza AeronauticsRamirez2018-03-21Download Saleza Aeronautics 2.3.4
MissionsUPS CourierEric Walsh, spara, Keeper, phkb2018-03-18Download UPS Courier 2.1.1
AmbienceYour Ad HereDr. Nil and contributors2018-03-06Download Your Ad Here 4.5.1
AmbienceYour Ad Here Constores Onlyspara2018-03-04Download Your Ad Here Constores Only 1.0.3
ShipsClippersSmivs2018-03-03Download Clippers 1.4.4
ShipsThe Classic MussuranaSmivs2018-03-03Download The Classic Mussurana 1.3
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set BDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-28Download Your Ad Here Set B 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here More Adsspara2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here More Ads 1.2
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set GDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set G 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set FDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set F 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set EDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set E 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set DDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set D 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set CDr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set C 4.5
AmbienceYour Ad Here Set ADr. Nil and contributors2018-02-27Download Your Ad Here Set A 4.5
AmbienceStation Adsspara2018-02-24Download Station Ads 1.1
ShipsSniper Gun RebalancerRustem&Norby2018-02-03Download Sniper Gun Rebalancer 1.3.11
AmbienceFont: Xoloniumphkb2018-01-25Download Font: Xolonium 1.3
AmbienceFont: OCR A Extendedphkb2018-01-25Download Font: OCR A Extended 1.3
MiscellaneousChange View Soundphkb2018-01-22Download Change View Sound 1.0
HUDsMFD - Navigationspara2018-01-20Download MFD - Navigation 1.9.0
MissionsTaxi GalacticaPleb2018-01-19Download Taxi Galactica 2.1
Retexturesgsagostinho's Texture Pack: Cobra Mk IIIgsagostinho2018-01-19Download gsagostinho's Texture Pack: Cobra Mk III 1.5
AmbienceFont: Discognatephkb2018-01-19Download Font: Discognate 2.0
AmbienceFont: NovaSquarephkb2018-01-19Download Font: NovaSquare 1.3
WeaponsQ-bomb AI modificationRustem2018-01-18Download Q-bomb AI modification 0.2
ActivitiesSpace Crowds - Stellar SerpentAstrobe2017-12-19Download Space Crowds - Stellar Serpent 1.0
MiscellaneousAdder startAstrobe2017-12-17Download Adder start 1.0
MechanicsModern Startphkb2017-11-29Download Modern Start 1.1
Retexturesgsagostinho's Texture Pack: Pythongsagostinho2017-11-29Download gsagostinho's Texture Pack: Python 1.1
Retexturesgsagostinho's Texture Pack: Addergsagostinho2017-11-29Download gsagostinho's Texture Pack: Adder 1.1
EquipmentManifest ScannerStormrider2017-11-23Download Manifest Scanner 1.3.2
MechanicsMissiles modificationAstrobe2017-11-19Download Missiles modification 1.1
MiscellaneousCompass target mode autoswitchAstrobe2017-11-19Download Compass target mode autoswitch 1.0.0
DockablesFree Trade ZonesDisembodied, Griff, phkb2017-11-17Download Free Trade Zones 0.31
AmbienceTionisla Orbital Graveyard - MonumentsSelezen, Rxke, Arexack_Heretic, Eric Walch2017-11-12Download Tionisla Orbital Graveyard - Monuments 2.0
ShipsSuperSidewinderUK_Eliter2017-11-11Download SuperSidewinder 1.53
DockablesTionisla Chronicle ArrayStorm2017-11-11Download Tionisla Chronicle Array 1.04
MissionsSpy HunterSelezen, phkb2017-11-05Download Spy Hunter 1.3
MechanicsSurjectorsAstrobe2017-11-01Download Surjectors 1.2.0
WeaponsLaser CannonsNorby2017-10-31Download Laser Cannons 1.12
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR BaseRedspear, spara, phkb2017-10-30Download Additional Planets SR Base 0.8
MechanicsSkilled NPCscim2017-10-28Download Skilled NPCs 1.5
EquipmentDeep Horizon Emergency Witchspace InitiatorCmd. Cheyd2017-10-23Download Deep Horizon Emergency Witchspace Initiator 1.0.0
WeaponsNexus MissileUK_Eliter2017-10-21Download Nexus Missile 2.7
ShipsFer-de-Lance 3GUK_Eliter2017-10-21Download Fer-de-Lance 3G 6.55
DockablesImperial AstroFactoryspara, gsagostinho, phkb2017-10-16Download Imperial AstroFactory 2.4
AmbienceSatellitesRorschachhamster, phkb2017-10-12Download Satellites 1.10
ShipsIllicit Unlockphkb2017-10-12Download Illicit Unlock 2.6
AmbienceDistant StarsRustem2017-10-05Download Distant Stars 0.0.7
AmbienceAmbience CollectionNorby2017-10-03Download Ambience Collection 1.3
EquipmentEbortsa's lucky charmAstrobe2017-09-25Download Ebortsa's lucky charm 1.2.0
DockablesWildships Kiota stations relocatorAstrobe2017-09-24Download Wildships Kiota stations relocator 1.1
MechanicsBetter fuel injection for small shipsAstrobe2017-09-23Download Better fuel injection for small ships 1.1
HUDsMFD - CommsLogphkb2017-09-07Download MFD - CommsLog 1.7.6
EquipmentBulk Cargo Processorphkb2017-08-25Download Bulk Cargo Processor 1.5
ActivitiesFuel StationThargoid, gsagostinho2017-08-20Download Fuel Station 2.2
EquipmentFast Target Selectorphkb2017-08-15Download Fast Target Selector 1.5
MechanicsConvoy leaders without bounty labelsNorby2017-08-02Download Convoy leaders without bounty labels 1.3.1
AmbienceFreighter ConvoysNorby2017-07-27Download Freighter Convoys 1.3
MechanicsConvoysNorby2017-07-27Download Convoys 1.3
MiscellaneousDangerous Keyconfiggsagostinho2017-07-25Download Dangerous Keyconfig 1.2
EquipmentTelescopeNorby2017-06-24Download Telescope 1.15
SystemsRescue Stationscim, spara2017-06-20Download Rescue Stations 1.5.4
AmbienceMissile Beephoqllnq2017-05-17Download Missile Beep 1.3
WeaponsFightersNorby, Shipbuilder, Thargoid, Killer Wolf, Knotty2017-05-16Download Fighters 1.4
ShipsDark Rainbowsdrubble2017-04-17Download Dark Rainbow 1.2
RetexturesGriff's Normalmapped Ships (Replace)Griff, spara2017-04-13Download Griff's Normalmapped Ships (Replace) 1.1.4
RetexturesGriff Station BundleGriff2017-04-12Download Griff Station Bundle 1.3
ActivitiesAddons for BeginnersNorby2017-04-02Download Addons for Beginners 1.5
MechanicsAutoRefuelbyronarn2017-04-02Download AutoRefuel 1.0
EquipmentSell EquipmentCommander McLane2017-03-30Download Sell Equipment 1.5
DockablesSuperhubPagroove2017-03-30Download Superhub 1.6.3
DockablesDeep Space DredgerCaptain Berf, Eric Walch, Little Bear, Norby, Sabre, phkb, spara2017-03-29Download Deep Space Dredger 2.4.10
ShipsTAU RockhopperTheta Seven2017-03-18Download TAU Rockhopper 1.1.2
ShipsStaer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra (shader version)Staer9, SMIVS, amah, Keeper, spara2017-03-02Download Staer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra (shader version) 1.2.2
AmbienceStart Advicespara2017-03-01Download Start Advice 0.3
EquipmentQTHI AntiZap (Alpha Preview)QCS2017-02-21Download QTHI AntiZap (Alpha Preview) 0.1
ShipsGriff Cobra MkIII AltGriff2017-02-18Download Griff Cobra MkIII Alt 1.3.4
RetexturesSubentity Missiles for Griff Cobra MkIIIGriff Thargoid2017-02-18Download Subentity Missiles for Griff Cobra MkIII 1.02
MechanicsIndestructible InjectorsRedspear2017-02-15Download Indestructible Injectors 1.0
EquipmentAutoDockphkb2017-01-10Download AutoDock 1.1.0
DockablesSolos Alt Stationspagroove, Griff, CaptSolo, Redspear2017-01-01Download Solos Alt Stations 1.0
MissionsMincePiearacer2016-12-24Download MincePie 1.1
MissionsSantaGriff, Littlebear2016-12-24Download Santa 1.2
WeaponsSniper GunNorby2016-12-10Download Sniper Gun 1.3
MechanicsHardShipsNorby2016-11-20Download HardShips 0.89
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps rockyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-19Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps rocky 1.0
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps icyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-18Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps icy 1.0
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: free bitmaps dustyRedspear, spara and collaborators2016-11-16Download Additional Planets SR: free bitmaps dusty 1.0
MechanicsEquipment by Ship ClassRedspear2016-10-31Download Equipment by Ship Class 0.5
MechanicsShaky DriveAstrobe2016-10-28Download Shaky Drive 1.0.0
WeaponsNew LasersRedspear2016-10-28Download New Lasers 0.7
WeaponsMultiple LasersNorby2016-10-27Download Multiple Lasers 1.8
DockablesHoOpy CasinoEric Walch, Murgh, CaptSolo, Spara2016-10-25Download HoOpy Casino 1.3.5
ShipsPitviperCaptain Beatnik2016-10-24Download Pitviper 1.1
ShipsEagle Transporterspud42, cbr2016-10-19Download Eagle Transporter 1.0.1
MechanicsZero Map - Explore the galaxySMax2016-10-14Download Zero Map - Explore the galaxy 0.6
EquipmentFuel GeneratorSMax2016-09-30Download Fuel Generator 0.2
ActivitiesRRS Black Box - Hot&Cold gameSMax2016-09-24Download RRS Black Box - Hot&Cold game 0.1
DockablesPlanetFall Market SaverSMax2016-09-12Download PlanetFall Market Saver 0.1
MechanicsAsteroid RemoverSMax2016-09-12Download Asteroid Remover 0.3
AmbienceAsteroid RandomizerSMax2016-09-12Download Asteroid Randomizer 0.1
MechanicsHyperdrivesRedspear2016-09-11Download Hyperdrives 0.3
RetexturesThe Classic Ships (Replace)Smivs2016-09-09Download The Classic Ships (Replace) 1.4
RetexturesThe Classic Ships (Addition)Smivs2016-09-09Download The Classic Ships (Addition) 1.4
ShipsStaer9's ShipsetStaer9, Keeper2016-09-09Download Staer9's Shipset 1.4.1
WeaponsSeparated LasersNorby2016-09-09Download Separated Lasers 1.2
MechanicsMarket Cooldownspara2016-09-08Download Market Cooldown 0.3
ActivitiesYour Ad Here Gem Casinospara, CaptSolo2016-08-29Download Your Ad Here Gem Casino 1.0.1
MechanicsN-ShieldsNgalo2016-08-23Download N-Shields 0.7.1
HUDsHUD Selector with Large HUDNorby2016-08-20Download HUD Selector with Large HUD 1.17
ShipsFdL LightspeederRedspear2016-08-13Download FdL Lightspeeder 1.0
HUDsMFD Restore After LoadSMax2016-08-09Download MFD Restore After Load 0.1
ShipsStar DestroyerStaer9, GGShinobi, Norby2016-07-23Download Star Destroyer 1.6
ActivitiesEscort DeckNorby2016-07-17Download Escort Deck 1.11
MechanicsMore Escape PodsStrato12016-07-03Download More Escape Pods 0.1.2
RetexturesThe Classic ShipyardSmivs2016-06-30Download The Classic Shipyard 1.1
DockablesDarkside Moonshine DistilleryStormrider2016-06-16Download Darkside Moonshine Distillery 0.8
EquipmentSniperLockCommonSenseOTB2016-05-24Download SniperLock 1.0.0
AmbienceTrailsNorby2016-05-22Download Trails 1.11
ShipsHognoseGriff2016-05-20Download Hognose 1.3.2
EquipmentBreakable Witch DriveCapt Murphy2016-05-17Download Breakable Witch Drive 1.3.2
ShipsStaer9/Smivs S9 Chopped CobraStaer9, SMIVS, amah2016-04-08Download Staer9/Smivs S9 Chopped Cobra 1.1.4
WeaponsEco LasersNorby2016-03-13Download Eco Lasers 1.0
EquipmentTrail DetectorNorby2016-02-15Download Trail Detector 1.0
ActivitiesIn-System Taxispara2016-02-07Download In-System Taxi 1.2.3
ShipsWolf Mk IIGriff2016-02-06Download Wolf Mk II 1.4.2
ShipsStormbrewerStormrider2016-02-05Download Stormbrewer 2.9.4
RetexturesNoshader extra stations addonGriff, CaptKev, Ark, Detrien, amah2016-02-05Download Noshader extra stations addon 1.0.1
ShipsTeretrurusSmivs2016-01-29Download Teretrurus 3.0
MechanicsSpicy Hermitsspara2016-01-28Download Spicy Hermits 1.0.3
ShipsSimon B's FavoritesKeeper, Simon B, spara2016-01-23Download Simon B's Favorites 1.1.3
ShipsPitviper Mark IICaptain Beatnik, spara2016-01-17Download Pitviper Mark II 1.1
AmbienceHeadlightsNorby2016-01-01Download Headlights 1.2
EquipmentOre ProcessorArk, Dr. Nil, Eric Walch, Kaks, spara2015-12-26Download Ore Processor 2.2.2
AmbienceCountdown to Zerospara2015-12-25Download Countdown to Zero 1.0
AmbienceNavigation FlashersFritz G.2015-12-20Download Navigation Flashers 1.0
EquipmentFlight LogThargoid2015-12-18Download Flight Log 1.11
ShipsThe Classic SuperPythonsSmivs2015-12-16Download The Classic SuperPythons 1.0
EquipmentSynchronised TorusFritz G.2015-12-15Download Synchronised Torus 1.0
MissionsEscort ContractsCapt. Murphy, Keeper, Norby, ZygoUgo, phkb, Fritz G.2015-12-08Download Escort Contracts 1.7.1
AmbienceEngine SoundNorby2015-12-06Download Engine Sound 1.2
HUDsFighter HUD Mk. IICaptKev, spara2015-11-28Download Fighter HUD Mk. II 1.4.1
EquipmentSingle-Use Witchdriveocz2015-11-27Download Single-Use Witchdrive 0.9.2
AmbienceFont: Dangerous Squareedgepixel2015-11-26Download Font: Dangerous Square 1.2
RetexturesNoshader Mimoriarty's Radical Logistics shipsMickey Moriarty, amah2015-11-21Download Noshader Mimoriarty's Radical Logistics ships 1.0.3
ActivitiesMining Contractsdiagoras2015-11-11Download Mining Contracts 1.12
Equipmentbuyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets.phkb, amah2015-11-06Download buyable/sellable Yasen-N turrets. 0.6
ActivitiesBank of the Black MonksLittleBear, Griff, spara2015-11-02Download Bank of the Black Monks 2.2.1
RetexturesNoshader Griff's missing coreshipsamah2015-11-02Download Noshader Griff's missing coreships 1.1.1
ShipsMiner CobraNorby, Griff, Z_GrOovy2015-10-27Download Miner Cobra 1.4
MechanicsAsteroid Tweaksspara2015-10-24Download Asteroid Tweaks 1.3
MechanicsSellAllNorby2015-10-18Download SellAll 1.29
RetexturesGriff AsteroidsGriff2015-10-17Download Griff Asteroids 1.01
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids - noshadersZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids - noshaders v1.2.7
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids - shadyZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids - shady v1.2.7
AmbienceZygoUgo's Asteroids resourcesZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Asteroids resources v1.2.8
AmbienceZygoUgo's ExplosionsZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Explosions v1.0.1
AmbienceZygoUgo's BuoyZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download ZygoUgo's Buoy v1.0.1
RetexturesNoshader stations for sfepGriff, Ark, CaptKev, Dertien, amah2015-10-16Download Noshader stations for sfep 1.0.1
RetexturesNoshader chunky exploding asteroidsGriff, ZygoUgo, amah2015-10-16Download Noshader chunky exploding asteroids 1.0
RetexturesNoshader Griff's accessoriesGriff, amah2015-10-15Download Noshader Griff's accessories 1.1.1
ShipsEscort PackNorby2015-10-14Download Escort Pack 1.2
RetexturesNoshader extra station resourcesGriff, Ark, CaptKev, Detien, amah2015-10-11Download Noshader extra station resources 1.0.0
EquipmentAuto EjectCommander McLane2015-10-07Download Auto Eject 1.2
HUDsMFD - Combat MFDNorby, Zireael2015-10-03Download MFD - Combat MFD 1.12
ShipsDragonshipsChristian Sturke aka Rorschachhamster2015-10-02Download Dragonships 1.0.3
ShipsThe Classic X-shipsSmivs2015-09-29Download The Classic X-ships 1.0
MechanicsMissile BoosterNorby2015-09-23Download Missile Booster 1.1
RetexturesGriff WormGriff2015-09-23Download Griff Worm 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff ViperGriff2015-09-23Download Griff Viper 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff TransporterGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Transporter 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff ThargoidsGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Thargoids 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff SidewinderGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Sidewinder 1.04.4
RetexturesGriff ShuttleGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Shuttle 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff PythonGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Python 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff MorayGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Moray 1.04.5
RetexturesGriff MissilesGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Missiles 1.02.1
RetexturesGriff Mamba AlternativeGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Mamba Alternative 1.04.4
RetexturesGriff MambaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Mamba 1.04.4
RetexturesGriff KraitGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Krait 1.04.4
RetexturesGriff GeckoGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Gecko 1.04.4
RetexturesGriff FerdelanceGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Ferdelance 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff Escape CapsuleGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Escape Capsule 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff ConstrictorGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Constrictor 1.04.1
RetexturesGriff Cobra MkIIIGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cobra MkIII 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff Cobra MkIGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cobra MkI 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff CargopodGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Cargopod 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff BoaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Boa 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff AspGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Asp 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff AnacondaGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Anaconda 1.04.3
RetexturesGriff Alloys and WreckageGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Alloys and Wreckage 1.0.1
RetexturesGriff AdderGriff2015-09-22Download Griff Adder 1.04.3
ShipsGriff Viper Interceptor High Poly versionGriff2015-09-21Download Griff Viper Interceptor High Poly version 1.0.3
ShipsGriff Viper High Poly versionGriff2015-09-21Download Griff Viper High Poly version 1.3.1
MiscellaneousStart in a Griff Cobra MkIIIGriff2015-09-20Download Start in a Griff Cobra MkIII 1.0
ActivitiesStashespopsch2015-09-13Download Stashes 0.3.1
ShipsRandom Hits Shipsetspara2015-09-12Download Random Hits Shipset 1.1
RetexturesNoshader Z GrOovy Variety Packsamah, dertien,griff2015-09-12Download Noshader Z GrOovy Variety Packs 1.1.1
RetexturesNo shader Staer9's shipsetstaer9, keeper, spara,amah2015-08-30Download No shader Staer9's shipset 1.3.1
RetexturesNoshader Griff's alternate stationsamah, griff2015-08-20Download Noshader Griff's alternate stations 1.0.2
MechanicsReverse Y ControlNorby2015-08-16Download Reverse Y Control 1.5
DockablesBehemothADCK, Aegidian, Griff, Eric Walch, PAGroove, SimonB, spara2015-08-16Download Behemoth 3.1.1
WeaponsGatling LaserNorby2015-08-09Download Gatling Laser 1.0
HUDsMFD - Manifestspara2015-08-03Download MFD - Manifest 1.1.2
ShipsCarriers with turretsNorby2015-07-31Download Carriers with turrets 1.0
EquipmentShield CyclerLone Wolf2015-07-30Download Shield Cycler 1.12
ShipsGeneration ShipsDraco Caeles2015-07-14Download Generation Ships 1.4.0
ActivitiesLife In The FrontierBeeTLe BeTHLeHeM, Norby2015-07-12Download Life In The Frontier 0.7.3
MechanicsIn System TraderDr.Tripsa2015-07-06Download In System Trader 1.40
DockablesPlanetfall MarketsNorby2015-07-04Download Planetfall Markets 0.1
AmbienceZygo Cinematic Sky & NebulasZygoUgo2015-07-01Download Zygo Cinematic Sky & Nebulas 1.3
MissionsResistance CommanderRamirez2015-07-01Download Resistance Commander 1.6
ActivitiesFuel Collectorvsfc2015-06-27Download Fuel Collector 0.07
AmbienceBuoy RepairEric Walch & Svengali2015-06-25Download Buoy Repair 1.3.4
AmbienceFont: StandaloneZireael2015-06-24Download Font: Standalone 1.1
SystemsFeudal StatesRamirez2015-06-22Download Feudal States 1.16.3
AmbienceFont: TtyKaks2015-06-19Download Font: Tty 0.6
AmbienceFont: 3DVincentz2015-06-19Download Font: 3D 1.0
EquipmentShip's Library Book - MutabilisRamen2015-06-17Download Ship's Library Book - Mutabilis 1.1.1
EquipmentBreakable Torus DriveCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Torus Drive 1.1
EquipmentBreakable Shield GeneratorsCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Shield Generators 1.2
EquipmentBreakable HUD and IFF ScannerCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable HUD and IFF Scanner 1.2
EquipmentBreakable EnginesCapt Murphy2015-06-17Download Breakable Engines 1.1
MechanicsUntrumbledWildeblood2015-06-17Download Untrumbled 1.1
EquipmentBreakable Energy UnitCaptMurphy2015-06-16Download Breakable Energy Unit 1.1
EquipmentUndocumented LaunchWildeblood2015-06-12Download Undocumented Launch 1.1
MechanicsCommodity Marketsspara2015-06-09Download Commodity Markets 2.0.1
AmbienceHD Backgrounds Image Pack ANorby2015-06-08Download HD Backgrounds Image Pack A 1.0
AmbienceHD BackgroundsNorby2015-06-08Download HD Backgrounds 1.0
MiscellaneousPlannerRamen2015-06-08Download Planner 1.0.0
ShipsOphidianGriff2015-06-07Download Ophidian 1.2
ShipsGriffin Mk IGriff2015-06-07Download Griffin Mk I 1.3
ShipsGnatGriff2015-06-07Download Gnat 1.4.2
MiscellaneousGriff Shipset DecalsGriff2015-06-07Download Griff Shipset Decals 1.0
ShipsBugGriff2015-06-07Download Bug 1.4.1
EquipmentDuplex Fuel Tanktimer2015-06-05Download Duplex Fuel Tank 0.51
MiscellaneousOxpConfigSvengali, Lone_Wolf2015-06-04Download OxpConfig 2.3.4
AmbienceAmbiences recommended by NorbyNorby2015-06-03Download Ambiences recommended by Norby 1.6
MechanicsTotal patrolCommander McLane2015-05-31Download Total patrol 1.4
EquipmentScanner Alerting Enhancementjh1452015-05-30Download Scanner Alerting Enhancement 1.1
MechanicsJaguar CompanyTricky2015-05-24Download Jaguar Company 2.5.29
AmbienceBackGroundSetP.A.Groove, Phantor Gorth, Thargoid, Svengali and Tricky2015-05-23Download BackGroundSet 1.10.9
MechanicsVariable MasslockNorby2015-05-22Download Variable Masslock 1.1
MiscellaneousTime ControlNorby2015-05-18Download Time Control 1.1
AmbienceBackGroundSetP.A.Groove, Phantor Gorth, Thargoid, Svengali and Tricky2015-05-16Download BackGroundSet 1.10.8
EquipmentSafetyCatchNorby2015-05-15Download SafetyCatch 1.3
RetexturesThe Classic Variety PackSmivs2015-05-11Download The Classic Variety Pack 1.1
EquipmentShip's Library Book - Status QuoRamen2015-05-09Download Ship's Library Book - Status Quo 1.0.0
EquipmentSmivs Industries Smivs2015-05-09Download Smivs Industries  1.0
AmbienceEnigmasSmivs2015-05-08Download Enigmas 1.0
AmbienceThe Classic Ooniverse CompilationSmivs2015-05-08Download The Classic Ooniverse Compilation 1.0
AmbienceFireworksCommander McLane2015-05-07Download Fireworks 1.2
MiscellaneousContracted Goods ReminderWildeblood2015-05-07Download Contracted Goods Reminder
AmbienceIcesteroidsStaer92015-05-06Download Icesteroids 2.1
HUDsAad-HUDspara2015-05-03Download Aad-HUD 1.1.4
EquipmentAudible Docking Clearancespara2015-05-03Download Audible Docking Clearance 1.3.1
AmbienceRandom Player/Ship Namespara2015-04-26Download Random Player/Ship Name 1.0.1
ActivitiesGalleryNorby2015-04-25Download Gallery 1.21
HUDsNova Lux HUDVincentz2015-04-17Download Nova Lux HUD 1.3
AmbienceBattle DamageSmivs2015-03-19Download Battle Damage 1.3
EquipmentCup of TeaSmivs2015-03-18Download Cup of Tea 1.2
AmbienceAliensSmivs2015-03-17Download Aliens 1.2
AmbienceGiant Space PizzaSmivs2015-03-08Download Giant Space Pizza 3.1
EquipmentGalDrivePodSmivs2015-03-07Download GalDrivePod 1.4
ShipsContractor MkIISmivs2015-03-07Download Contractor MkII 1.6
EquipmentQTHI Auxiliary Energy GeneratorsQCS2015-03-04Download QTHI Auxiliary Energy Generators 0.1.1
HUDsDocked HUDsWildeblood2015-03-03Download Docked HUDs 1.1
RetexturesNoshader Z GrOovy extra shipsdertien, griff, amah2015-02-11Download Noshader Z GrOovy extra ships 1.0.2
AmbienceDisplay reputationCommander McLane, Norby2015-01-29Download Display reputation 1.2
ShipsCarriersNorby2015-01-20Download Carriers 0.9
WeaponsStation Self-Destruction CodesWildeblood2015-01-13Download Station Self-Destruction Codes 1.0
HUDsNumericHUDCommonSenseOTB, Norby, spara, Diziet Sma2015-01-10Download NumericHUD 3.27
ShipsAndromedaNorby2015-01-03Download Andromeda 1.5
RetexturesNoshader Griff's alternate shipsamah2014-12-20Download Noshader Griff's alternate ships 1.1.1
RetexturesNoshader fullsize station texturesgriff, amah2014-12-07Download Noshader fullsize station textures 1.0.1
MissionsVectorSvengali2014-12-06Download Vector 1.7.2
RetexturesNoshader Griff's extra shipsgriff, amah2014-12-04Download Noshader Griff's extra ships 1.2.0
WeaponsEnergy Bombcim2014-11-30Download Energy Bomb 1.0.2
MechanicsReduce Weapon DamageLone_Wolf2014-11-09Download Reduce Weapon Damage 0.10
MissionsThe CollectorNorby2014-11-02Download The Collector 0.4
EquipmentGalactic SatNavWyn Sleeman2014-10-30Download Galactic SatNav 0.0.2
ShipsSKS Plasma Mark ISirArian2014-10-25Download SKS Plasma Mark I 2.0
AmbienceDisplay ReputationWildeblood & Commander McLane2014-10-24Download Display Reputation 1.3
MechanicsGlare ClarifierWildeblood2014-10-23Download Glare Clarifier 1.0
HUDsData - Ship NameWildeblood2014-10-21Download Data - Ship Name 1.0
EquipmentI-MissileCaptSolo2014-10-19Download I-Missile 1.15
ShipsCopperhead Mk IICaptSolo2014-10-18Download Copperhead Mk II 1.1
RetexturesSimonB's ShipsSimon Bridge & CaptSolo2014-10-18Download SimonB's Ships 1.0
EquipmentUndocumented LaunchWildeblood2014-10-17Download Undocumented Launch 1.0
ShipsCougar STCaptSolo2014-10-16Download Cougar ST 1.5
DockablesTorus StationsCaptSolo2014-10-15Download Torus Stations 2.02
AmbienceRandomshipnamesCommander McLane, Norby2014-10-13Download Randomshipnames 1.6
RetexturesNoshader Griff's accessories replaceamah2014-10-12Download Noshader Griff's accessories replace 1.0
ShipsAquaticsThargoid2014-10-11Download Aquatics 2.32
HUDsCrosshairs - Shield-tasticWildeblood2014-10-08Download Crosshairs - Shield-tastic 1.0
DockablesLave AcademyThargoid2014-10-07Download Lave Academy 1.34
EquipmentAuto CrosshairsWildeblood2014-10-06Download Auto Crosshairs 1.1.1
HUDsCrosshairs - Laser-ificWildeblood2014-10-06Download Crosshairs - Laser-ific 1.3
ShipsCobra Mk III-XTCaptSolo2014-10-06Download Cobra Mk III-XT 1.4
EquipmentBounty Informertimer2014-08-31Download Bounty Informer 1.0
ActivitiesExplorers' ClubCapt. Murphy & Wildeblood2014-08-19Download Explorers' Club 1.4.4
AmbienceShip's Catsuperbatprime, v4hn2014-08-16Download Ship's Cat 1.1.0
EquipmentCommanders LogThargoid2014-08-08Download Commanders Log 1.01
EquipmentMarket Observerspara2014-08-06Download Market Observer 2.3.2
AmbienceLaser ColorsZireael2014-08-06Download Laser Colors 0.1.1
HUDsOrangED HUDZireael2014-08-06Download OrangED HUD 0.1.1
AmbienceDistant RealmsWildeblood2014-08-04Download Distant Realms 0.3
MechanicsYour Ad Here Fuel Stationspara2014-08-03Download Your Ad Here Fuel Station 1.0
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: Alien WorldsRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Alien Worlds 1.1
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: Ocean WorldsRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Ocean Worlds 1.1
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR: EarthlikeRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-08-01Download Additional Planets SR: Earthlike 1.1
AmbienceRealistic Stars SSCKnotty2014-07-30Download Realistic Stars SSC 1.1
EquipmentTarget System Upgradetimer2014-07-29Download Target System Upgrade 0.72
MechanicsBullet DriveWildeblood2014-07-29Download Bullet Drive 1.0.3
EquipmentPolice IFF ScannerCapt. Murphy2014-07-28Download Police IFF Scanner 1.3.1
AmbienceDockside ServicesWildeblood2014-07-26Download Dockside Services 1.0
AmbienceGalaxy NamesWildeblood2014-07-25Download Galaxy Names 1.0
AmbienceDistant SunsWildeblood2014-07-24Download Distant Suns 0.5.1
HUDsCrosshairs - AlertingWildeblood2014-07-23Download Crosshairs - Alerting 1.0
ShipsMvM Veloce e AppuntitaKnotty2014-07-23Download MvM Veloce e Appuntita 1.0
AmbienceRealistic StarsKnotty2014-07-23Download Realistic Stars 1.1
EquipmentVacuum PumpNeelix2014-07-21Download Vacuum Pump 0.3
ShipsDTT War LanceParadox2014-07-19Download DTT War Lance 1.0
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR Others Gas Giants packRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-07-13Download Additional Planets SR Others Gas Giants pack 1.1
AmbienceAdditional Planets SR Demux Volcanic PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-07-12Download Additional Planets SR Demux Volcanic Pack 1.2
EquipmentBeer Coolermaik2014-07-11Download Beer Cooler 1.1.0
HUDsSmart HUD-WSSmivs2014-07-08Download Smart HUD-WS 1.0
HUDsSmart HUDSmivs2014-07-08Download Smart HUD 1.0
ShipsDTT KrakenParadox2014-07-07Download DTT Kraken 1.0
HUDsCombatHUD-WSSmivs2014-07-06Download CombatHUD-WS 4.1
HUDsCombatHUDSmivs2014-07-06Download CombatHUD 4.1
EquipmentTelescope Extender+Gravity ScannerNorby2014-07-06Download Telescope Extender+Gravity Scanner 1.0
HUDsCompactHUDAegidean, Diziet Sma2014-07-06Download CompactHUD 1.3
MechanicsCommodity Marketsspara2014-07-05Download Commodity Markets 1.2.3
AmbienceDelightful DockingSmivs2014-07-04Download Delightful Docking 1.1
ShipsGreen Gecko XLCody2014-07-03Download Green Gecko XL 1.0
EquipmentEquipment Aidespara2014-07-02Download Equipment Aide 1.3
EquipmentPlanetary CompassThargoid2014-07-02Download Planetary Compass 1.02
AmbienceStar-jellySmivs2014-07-01Download Star-jelly 3.0
RetexturesBetter BuoysSmivs2014-06-29Download Better Buoys 1.3
AmbienceCommunications Pack Acim2014-06-29Download Communications Pack A 0.5
EquipmentCaptain Solo's Good FortuneCaptSolo2014-06-24Download Captain Solo's Good Fortune 1.05
AmbienceHyperradio CATACLYSM - ElectronicaDiziet Sma2014-06-24Download Hyperradio CATACLYSM - Electronica 1.0
EquipmentCamera Dronescim2014-06-21Download Camera Drones 1.4
AmbienceBetter ScreensSmivs2014-06-20Download Better Screens 1.2.1
EquipmentGlare Filterspara2014-06-19Download Glare Filter 1.0
EquipmentAuto-ECMSwiteck2014-06-19Download Auto-ECM 0.4
ActivitiesCargo-Contract-ModSwiteck2014-06-19Download Cargo-Contract-Mod 1.5
MiscellaneousShipset Compatibilitycim2014-06-06Download Shipset Compatibility 1.4
EquipmentQ-ChargerCommonSenseOTB, Norby2014-05-23Download Q-Charger 1.25
AmbienceAdditional Planets Redux PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-05-17Download Additional Planets Redux Pack 1.1
AmbienceAdditional Planets Demux PackRedspear, spara and collaborators2014-05-17Download Additional Planets Demux Pack 1.1
DockablesPlanetfallThargoid2014-05-17Download Planetfall 1.51
ShipsDTT Snake CharmerParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Snake Charmer 1.1
ShipsDTT Snake Charmer PinupParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Snake Charmer Pinup 1.1
ShipsHeavy Metal Freight HaulerParadox2014-05-17Download Heavy Metal Freight Hauler 1.0
ShipsDTT WraithParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Wraith 1.0
ShipsDTT TomahawkParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Tomahawk 1.0
ShipsDTT Space ZeppelinParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Space Zeppelin 1.0
ShipsDTT MK-1Paradox2014-05-17Download DTT MK-1 1.0
ShipsDTT MantaParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Manta 1.0
ShipsDTT Galaxy LinerParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Galaxy Liner 1.0
ShipsDTT CyclopsParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Cyclops 1.0
ShipsDTT AtlasParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Atlas 1.0
ShipsDTT Planet ExpressParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Planet Express 1.1
ShipsDTT Heart of GoldParadox2014-05-17Download DTT Heart of Gold 1.0
ShipsNeoCaduceusClymAngus2014-05-10Download NeoCaduceus 1.00
ShipsKirin SportClymAngus2014-05-10Download Kirin Sport 1.00
ShipsKirinClymAngus2014-05-10Download Kirin 1.00
EquipmentETT Homing BeaconLone Wolf, Twisted2014-05-09Download ETT Homing Beacon 1.02
AmbienceYour Ad Here Witchpoint OverrideThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Witchpoint Override 1.00
AmbienceYour Ad Here Constore RemoverThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Constore Remover 1.00
AmbienceYour Ad Here MobileThargoid2014-05-08Download Your Ad Here Mobile 1.00
ShipsNu VipersMurgh2014-05-07Download Nu Vipers 1.01
ShipsArmoured Transport Type 1Arexack Heretic2014-05-06Download Armoured Transport Type 1 1.0
MissionsTrident DownRamirez2014-05-06Download Trident Down 2.5.2
EquipmentFuel TankRamirez2014-05-06Download Fuel Tank 2.2
AmbienceBGS Soundset by P.A. GrooveP.A.Groove2014-05-05Download BGS Soundset by P.A. Groove 2.3
AmbienceHyperradio AFC01 - Accoustic, FolkSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio AFC01 - Accoustic, Folk 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio HH01 - Hardrock and MetalSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio HH01 - Hardrock and Metal 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio JFRG01 - Jazz, Funk, RnBSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio JFRG01 - Jazz, Funk, RnB 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio PSY01 - PsychedelicSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio PSY01 - Psychedelic 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio ST01 - AmbientSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio ST01 - Ambient 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio ST02 - AmbientSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio ST02 - Ambient 1.0
AmbienceHyperradio TN01 - TechnofunkSvengali2014-05-05Download Hyperradio TN01 - Technofunk 1.0
MissionsStealthThargoid2014-05-05Download Stealth 1.05
ActivitiesRing RacerThargoid2014-05-05Download Ring Racer 1.21
EquipmentRetro RocketsThargoid2014-05-05Download Retro Rockets 1.00
MissionsPlanetfall Mission - OoHaulThargoid2014-05-05Download Planetfall Mission - OoHaul 1.11
EquipmentMilitary Fuel InjectorsThargoid2014-05-05Download Military Fuel Injectors 1.03
EquipmentLaser BoosterThargoid2014-05-05Download Laser Booster 1.02
EquipmentAPRIL Pylon LoaderThargoid2014-05-05Download APRIL Pylon Loader 1.03
EquipmentEnergy EquipmentThargoid2014-05-05Download Energy Equipment 1.11
ShipsSwarmThargoid2014-05-05Download Swarm 1.03
MissionsStellar SerpentsThargoid2014-05-05Download Stellar Serpents 1.21
MechanicsRealistic DamageThargoid2014-05-05Download Realistic Damage 1.00
EquipmentCargo ShepherdThargoid2014-05-05Download Cargo Shepherd 1.01
EquipmentHyperradioSvengali2014-05-04Download Hyperradio 1.26.1
AmbienceSnoopersDaddyHoggy, Disembodied, Drew, Svengali2014-05-04Download Snoopers 2.5
EquipmentWelcome MatThargoid2014-05-04Download Welcome Mat 1.13
EquipmentTracker CamThargoid2014-05-04Download Tracker Cam 1.02
MissionsTo Catch a ThargoidThargoid2014-05-04Download To Catch a Thargoid 1.11
EquipmentTarget Autolock PlusThargoid2014-05-04Download Target Autolock Plus 1.12
ShipsSecond WaveThargoid2014-05-04Download Second Wave 1.34
MechanicsOoCheatThargoid2014-05-04Download OoCheat 1.11
EquipmentNeo-DocklightsThargoid2014-05-04Download Neo-Docklights 1.00
ActivitiesGatesThargoid2014-05-04Download Gates 1.13
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack DThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack D 1.00
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack CThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack C 1.00
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack BThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack B 1.00
EquipmentPlanetary Compass Name Pack AThargoid2014-05-04Download Planetary Compass Name Pack A 1.00
EquipmentMisjump AnalyserEric Walch2014-05-04Download Misjump Analyser 1.1
ShipsThargorn ThreatArexack Heretic2014-05-03Download Thargorn Threat 1.5.2
MissionsThargoid WarsCmdr. Wombat2014-05-03Download Thargoid Wars 4.6
EquipmentMissile AnalyserEric Walch2014-05-03Download Missile Analyser 1.2
MissionsIonicsGalileo2014-05-03Download Ionics 1.3.1
MissionsDeposedCmdr. Wombat2014-05-03Download Deposed 1.4
MissionsMilitary FiascoMurgh2014-05-03Download Military Fiasco 2.5.3
MissionsTaranisRobert Todd2014-05-03Download Taranis 1.3
MissionsLove CatsJohn Smith2014-05-03Download Love Cats 1.3.1
AmbiencePirate CoveLazy Gun & Eric Walch2014-05-03Download Pirate Cove 1.4.2
AmbienceCargo Wrecks TeaserArexack Heretic2014-05-01Download Cargo Wrecks Teaser 1.7.2
AmbienceAsteroid StormLittle Bear & Eric Walch2014-04-30Download Asteroid Storm 4.3
MechanicsBigshipsThargoid and Eric Walch2014-04-30Download Bigships 1.02
AmbienceFamous PlanetsPagroove2014-04-28Download Famous Planets 2.7
AmbienceCustomShieldsCommonSenseOTB2014-04-27Download CustomShields 0.83
EquipmentQ-Bomb DetectorDiziet Sma2014-04-26Download Q-Bomb Detector 1.4
ActivitiesCombat Simulatorcim2014-04-25Download Combat Simulator 1.1
AmbienceSystem Features: Sunspotscim2014-04-25Download System Features: Sunspots 1.5
MissionsCurse of the Black Sunspotcim2014-04-16Download Curse of the Black Sunspot 1.0.2
MechanicsNew Cargoescim2014-04-15Download New Cargoes 1.2.3
MechanicsEscort Formationscim2014-04-12Download Escort Formations 1.1
EquipmentShip's Librarycim2014-03-23Download Ship's Library 0.8
EquipmentExtracts from the Tre Clancim2014-03-23Download Extracts from the Tre Clan 1.2